Zip clutch in black w. silver hardware.

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  1. Does anyone know where I can buy one or is this an eBay hunt?


  2. Your best bet would be eBay..goodluck with your search.
  3. That's true..I was on a hunt for this in the fall...I called stores everywhere around the country...They wee all sold out...I checked eBay daily...Finally one came up and I was lucky it was new..If it's meant to be you will find it...Good luck in your search..I love this wallet and it is by far the best one I have EVER owned..It will not be my last..:heart: Emmy
  4. Awww, Emmy. Thanks! I've been doing that lately (checking eBay) and I just hope that one turns up in the after Christmas surge... It seems like prices range from around 240-500. Do you mind me asking how much you paid for yours?

  5. SB--I agree with Emmy that ebay is probably your best bet! I know I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll reintroduce the silver hardware soon!
  6. Shoot..I think it was around $250.00?? I know I got a decent deal on it...I can check my previous posts and try to find it....CHECK EBAY CONSTANTLY!! When I saw it I had it authenticated here and when I was confident I bought it...I didn't even bid...I did the 'buy it now'....And I'm sooooo glad! One will come up...I'm sure of it..It's just a matter of when.....I'll keep checking too for you! Good luck!!! :heart: Emmy
  7. I will keep a lookout for you too. Tomorrow is .15 cent listing day on ebay and there should be lots of items being listed! Good luck!