Zip Clutch Color Opinions

  1. Hello! So basically I've wanted a zc for about 2.5 years.. the first one I ever saw was a redish colored one with silver hardware (owned by a mom I nannied for in Manhattan). Anyway, I fell in love with that style but couldn't afford it since I was in grad school. Fast forward to now- graduated & with a job.. ready to invest in my dream wallet.

    I wanted opinions on two colors I've been looking into: Indigo w/silver hardware & Lilac w/gold hardware. I like the Indigo a lot.. it's on eBay so it's something I might now win. I think the Lilac is absolutely gorgeous. It hasn't come out yet and would be something I would buy at retail (maybe opening a card at Saks would be a way to get some type of discount). Also, I have an Emerald Sophia w/silver hardware (so it wouldn't match the gold), but then again it would be inside the bag, etc. etc.

    Anyway, just wanted some opinions! :heart:
    344c_1.JPG 0470893982316_CLILAC_275x275.jpg
  2. i'd go with lilac, nice color indigo, but lilac, is something you don't often see. it's really special.
  3. I like the lilac too. it's very pretty.
  4. I would go with the indigo. I feel that lighter colors in ZCs tend to look more dirty and beat up quicker.
  5. i really like the lilac. the color is so pretty and the gold hardware complements it well. even though i have a mj bag in the indigo color, i think i would still prefer the lilac zc because the color is so much more eye-catching. if you do end up winning the auction and manage to get the indigo one for a great price, then i wouldn't feel so bad missing out on the full priced zc. either way, you win. :tup:
  6. get them both! :smile:
  7. Haha tuffcookie, I'm not BROKE anymore.. but if I get both I might end up that way ;)

    I'll see what happens w/the auction. I'm a bit worried about the lighter color for the reasons thithi gave.. I'm not always the most careful person!
  8. lighter colors for the zc don't wear well. They get color transfer and scratch easily. If you are looking for an everyday wallet then the darker leather quilted ones are the best and then the darker leather non-quilted ones.

    I use my lighter zcs for dressier events since I'm paranoid.
  9. oh, thanks for the heads up. i am looking for something for every day use.
  10. Bump! Can anyone help me out - what colors has the ZC come in? Like, ever? :shame: Maybe this is too big of a question.

    I want a wallet, and I'm not in the market for one NOW (I have to sell my Burberry ear muffs first :p), but I want to do some research as to what color ZC I'd like.

    I KNOW I want nickel hardware. And I like darker colors for a wallet, but a medium tone would be fine. I almost bid on a silver ZC on eBay - I'd never seen one before!

    Did they ever make the ZC in these colors?
    -washed raisin :drool: (probably too light)
    -ferrari red

    I want something interesting...but I can't spend a fortune on one like the maroon one that recently sold on eBay - YOW!

    Anyway, TIA for any help.
  11. I think I've seen the ZC on ebay in berry, teal & ferrari red. Haven't seen the other colors though.
  12. The lilac is very pretty and all, but the indigo will wear better and, to me, is just as pretty of a color.
  13. def go with the indigo, very unique!!
  14. Indigo all the way - love that color!
  15. Lilac is special but for everyday use, I would go with the indigo!
    Wouldn't mind having both myself~