Zip card wallet...a little somethin' came home with me

  1. I payed a brief visit to SF BV yesterday...oohed and aahed over some of the new colors - Oceano, Carmino, Blonde (or Camel?).

    I have coveted a Trifoglio accessory ever since seeing the color...soo this little handsome one came home with me! :smile: And it was on sale, how could I resist? :shame:

    Looks great with my Noce Veneta and I love the chain detail.
  2. Oooh! That's even prettier than it is on the web site! I was looking at this one, too. Wish I still lived near a BV to see all the loot in person first.

    What kind of blue is Oceano? I love watery blue-greens and have high hopes for this one!
  3. I bought the Parma version of this--it's so nice.

    Oceano must be the un-named blue from last spring's trunk show; it's a medium blue, but all I saw was a small sample of woven leather, no actual purses in the color, so it might look very different made up into a bag.
  4. bete_noire - It's a very hard blue to describe, but as boxermom says, it's a med-blue. I only saw it in a zip card wallet (like mine, but no chain) and I think it's a pretty color for accessories, but not in my taste in a handbag.
  5. Thanks for the info. Can't wait to see it!
  6. Is Carmino a bright or subdued red?
  7. my, what a pretty little purse. The chain detail gives it a lil edge. Agree with what gingerale said, this colour has the retro vibe. Love it!
  8. yay for chain detail zip wallets!
  9. bprimuslevy - Carmino is a true a crayola red - not too much blue in it or too much orange to make it tomato-ish.
  10. Cute! Congrats Myindulgence. =)
  11. oh, wow, this trifoglio chain thing is so cute! congrats!
  12. Its really pretty!!
  13. myindulgence - don't you love the green? awesome color! question: what are you going to carry in it? i have the stitch one, and i'm still tying to figure out what to put in it... my cards don't fit in it too well.
  14. myindulgence congrats on your new wallet:tup:. your pic really does the colour justice, it is gorgeous. and i agree with you, i bet it does look fab with your noce veneta.
  15. I have to say, this annoys me. If I'm paying $200 for a card wallet, I want it to hold cards. I was frustrated when I went to put my business cards in it and I had to work them in there. I ended up putting nothing in the middle slot because I couldn't get it to easily close. I still think mine (and myindulgence's!) is adorable, but please BV, make it a tad bigger next time!