Zip Bays- which color?

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  1. So I have convinced myself that I need the new Zipped Bayswater! I am going back to work soon after being out on maternity leave for 3 months and I am dreading leaving my little guy so I've decided to ease the pain by getting a new day bag . I'm debating now between black and oak. I am definitely more of a black bag person, but wondering if I should stick with what I like or diversify with oak? I'd love to hear your opinions on this bag in those colors- thank you!!
  2. Are you thinking of getting the big or smaller size?
    The big one in black comes with orange lining, which is nice. I think oak is lovely too. Bear in mind that the oak colour on the new bags are darker and more consistent compared to the oak colour on natural veg tan. I think i prefer it to be darker to be honest. Plus, the oak colour on the new bags won't change colour overtime like the old ones.
    Overall, both colours are very versatile but since you have a lot of black already. I'd go for oak for a change. But maybe go see them in person first. I think that helps :smile:
  3. I have a black original one, I thought about a different color but then as it was my first and I wanted a classic look.
  4. What about oxblood? I'm still on the fence between this and oak altogether the black with the orange lining is beautiful
  5. No help at all
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  6. :lol::lol::lol: you made me laugh
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  7. I say go with the oxblood!
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  8. No one should ever listen to me..... I can't even help myself
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  9. The oxblood is gorgeous! I am looking to get the larger one, and that orange lining in the black is beautiful. Unfortunately I don't live anywhere close to a mulberry store (Phoenix, AZ) to see in person. Might come down to flipping a coin! :smile:
  10. Larger I think the black then
  11. One last question if anyone is still reading! Any thoughts on Mulberry's small grain leather? All of my bags are pretty structured and I was hoping to get something a little more unstructured this time. I'm wondering if the small grain leather would be a little less structured than the natural. Thanks again!!
  12. No its the opposite. Small classic grain is very structured and durable. If you run your fingernails on the leather, it wont scratch. Pretty much all new JC designs are structured so if you really want unstructured bag, maybe consider NVT in the classic bays.
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  13. Very helpful- thank you!