Zip Around Wallets

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  1. I have a large Heritage Stripe ziparound wallet and love how functional and slim it is. So, I was so happy to find a medium size version to use on my smaller bags. At the outlets prices with coupon, I got all 3 colors. Ziparound wallets are so functional, slim, secure and fun. (note: there is also violet color maybe coming soon)

    Metallic Zip Around Wallets (Teal, Silver, Raspberry) Style# 43301
  2. Very pretty, I love the tassel that goes with it......I'm hoping to get one myself, a teal one will be perfect!!!
  3. I have one on the way.. I sooo would have gotten 2 if I could get to an outlet with evilbay I paid $89 I'm still hoping to find another one at a good price.. I think they are beautiful!
  4. #4 Feb 3, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2010
    LUCKY you!! ALL 3?!! Awesome! I only have the pink =( I :heart: it of course but want ALL of them! lol
    Congrats!! =)
  5. I had the pink metallic wallet in this... and although I think its so cute, the metallic was wearing on the inside of mine, so my SA let me exchange it because it had a defect... Plus I did not like the functionality of this wallet... I always think that I can do smaller wallets, but I can't, I have too much to carry...
  6. i love them all !
  7. I have a pink metallic one on the way for $45 (amazing bonz find)....I love the jewel toned accessories, but so unsure that I can do a small wallet. We'll see.
  8. what a cute set of triplets, my dear!
  9. Most likely my Mom and sister will end up with one. I plan to keep the silver for myself. :smile:
    This medium wallet works for me because I removed all the unused/inactive cards/papers/misc stuff. Just carry the essentials.
  10. Wow, cute set! I'd love to get these! I so wish there was an outlet near me...
  11. Wow I really like those..
  12. Can I tell you that these wallets are my FAV!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have two but I think I need the pink and gold and purple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Pretty!! :smile:
  14. omg you got what i am so clamoring for! so jealous of you right now! do you mind sharing what the outlet prices were?
  15. #15 Feb 3, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2010
    Outlet Clearance at 50%+20% coupon.
    Also saw them at Macys and Dillards. Hope you find one too.

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