Zip around purse

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  1. Does anyone have the zip around purse? I have a similar one from oroton (Oz brand) which is starting to look a little old. This one measures a little smaller, and I'm concerned it may be a too small for someone who loves large purses.
  2. Im not exactly sure which one you mean, but I have the large somerset zip around and the small one (which I use as a coin purse) there is a middle size aswell.
    The large zip around is divine! I have so much space to put everything neat and tidy, and it is still flat and does not take too much space. If you like larger purses Im sure that you would love this one :smile:

    (check out the modeling pics etc for reference)
  3. Is the Daria French purse useful as a daily purse. Am messy with receipts etc. thanks
  4. I can only echo Sessan's comments above! I've been naughty (not for the first - nor the last - time!) and just bought the Somerset large zip around in choc, which has a separate card holder with it that fits inside. It's lovely and very roomy! I also have the small Somerset zip around, just for small bags, which holds the basics - a couple of credit cards and space for folded notes and coins. Both are beautiful, sturdy, fab quality leather.

    Some ladies have the continental purses, which they seem to like very much. Have you looked at them?
  5. Do you mean the classic zipped one reduced to 175 in the sale? If so IMO it's one of the. Best purses they have ever done topped only by the large mabel one and closed followed by the long locked purse
  6. I love my daria french purse and use it every day. I am thinking of getting another purse so I dont wear this one out!!
  7. This is the Somerset one I've just bought and I second elvis absolutely. It's a fantastic purse and I'm thrilled with my choccy one! :biggrin:
  8. Do you mean zip around slim wallet? I have that and I think it the size is perfect :smile:
    I have a buscart (quite huge) and it fits in there
    I Highly recommend it !