Zip Agenda questions and approx prices

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  1. Hi everyone :smile:

    Inspired by the "What do you want?" thread started by Shopmom, I've thought more and more about the zip agenda I wished for.

    I would really like an orange agenda, that literally screams Hermes :P I really love the Hermes orange color. In addition I'd like the zip version and the GM size. Which different agendas exist? And wich leather would be good? Anyone know approx prices?

    I don't live anywhere near a Hermes, but I'm going to Valencia, Spain in January, might go in if I dare :supacool:

    Any help is truly appreciated :heart:
  2. i am hunting for one too. I was told the GM size is around 800 USD.
  3. So there's the Vision I and Vision II and the Globetrotter, and a regular PM and GM? This one from L-Z, is this a regular GM?

    LUXURY-SHOPS.COM - Hermes, Couverture Simple GM Zip, Medium Agenda They call it a Couverture Simple GM Zip, I think the price is quite good, 596 usd...
  4. ^^ That is so pretty. I love the blues and orange. :heart: I don't have an agenda but I have a Ulysee notebook in orange and I love it because like you said it is the color of Hermes! :smile:
  5. I have the Vision zip agenda in orange! I think it was around 800...I had the smaller one earlier so here's a comparision photo also! Love it - zips nice and neat and can carry other things in there as well...

    agenda 001.jpg

    agenda 003.jpg

    agenda 004.jpg

  6. Lovely. How much is the smaller one shoe if i may ask?? Is the smaller one the pm size or gm??
  7. I now own the smaller one and I love it. It holds my passport and 3 cc as well as my agenda and phone book. I love the zip. don't know how much new but my refills just cost me $80.
  8. That's a lovely agenda. If they had an orange one at L-Z if would definitively buy it, guess I'll have to check out my luck at the Hermes store in January :yahoo:
  9. One more question, someone said the agenda can hold a passport. Are the US passports different in size than other countries?
  10. as mentioned, loren now owns the smaller one in the pic! I think zipped it was around 4x5...and I purchased from e-bay so not sure of a new price but I would guess around 600? The cost of inserts is quite high unfortunately...
  11. Yes, Hermes paper is expensive :P I think I've read in a thread somewhere that there is another inexpensive brand inserts one can use. I like Hermes leather more than Hermes paper so I might get that :graucho: