Ziordia - any reviews???

  1. I'm falling in love with the slouchy design and soft leather of the "large barrel satchel" and would love to hear if anybody has one of those bags and how they're liking it. Unfortunately I can't trythem on IRL because Ziordia doesn't exist in Germany. Hopefully I'll be able to travel to SF in June so that I can see them for myself.
    for now I need to drool over the pics e.g. from http://www.museten.com/store/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=0&idproduct=561
    It would be wonderful if someone has a moddeling pic so that I can see the dimension and proportions of the bag.
    TIA ladies, you're always so hlepful!:yes:
  2. I've looked at these bags myself and really liked them. Was wondering the same thing as to whether anyone here owns any of the Ziordia bags. In my opinion, the leather looks luscious and beautiful.

    I think I might ask Cindy at Muse Ten what her opinion is....she's amazing.
  3. Hadn't seen or heard of this brand but that bag looks YUMMY! Lambskin is so soft and smooshy and pettable, and I love the simplicity of the design. Hmmm....now you've got me thinking!
  4. I'm looking at them every day and fall in love even more. Museten are super nice and helpful, it's a good idea to aks them about the bag. I might write an email and let you know what she says.:smile: