Zimmer Frame - for 'over 40's' Chloe and fashionistas!

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  1. :heart:Welcome, Welcome we will help you feel young again.
  2. :wlae: Margarita, What a beautiful name. I also have an only child, Melissa is the light of my life. Even if she steals my bags:wlae:
  3. :heart:What a lovely name. I also have an only daughter called Melissa, She is the light of my life even if she steals my bags:cursing:
  4. either that or the luxurious nursing home they might pack me off to!!:nuts:
  5. :nuts:I'll meet you there - we can trot off down to the 'Chloe' boutique with our zimmers, alternatively we can say 'sod that' and get our rollerblades out - either way - we'll have a 'rare old time'!!:roflmfao:
  6. ^^
    this is to us in our old age!!:drinkup: salud!
  7. :tup:For sure............whats old age??:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. They wouldn't dare?! :wtf: Spank them now!!! If they dare do that, you're better off selling them like lescoy!
  9. :nuts:Well - we've agreed to meet in the old folks home when it comes - and then trot off with our zimmers to 'Chloe' boutique - but our rollerblades will be ready for action!!

    I just can't find any 'takers' for my little darlings so far - I can't understand it. My younger son 16 got a new cycle yesterday, went off riding along some trail or other and came back with a puncture!! He's trying to repair it right now - little gem! I'm expecting him to come back again with another............God alone knows what he is trying to do with the bike - he went over someones handlebars last week - 'I knew what I was doing!' - quite clearly he didn't! Still - it keeps me amused, and Boots the Chemist in business with all the plasters, micropore, mepore dressing I'm having to buy - anyone fancy a patchwork quilt!!!!!???????:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. ^^
    ain't they funny? mine just discovered that girls exist...i bumped into him and a bunch of friends surrounded by giggling 12 yr old girls and to be honest the girls were giving them a run for their money! they seemed so more sophisticated and grown up than the boys who were trying so hard to be :supacool:. (this from the boy who stills wants me to kiss him god night and tuck him in bed!),then they forgot about the girls and took off to finish building a cubby house...the girls weren't impressed at all!
  11. :wlae:Hi all, Well now that I have the Chloe bug I have decided I want a Python Silverado. Ha Ha it never ends. A friend of mine has one up for sale, I have bought lots from him before so I know he sells only authentic bags. Anyway I have asked him to sharpen his pencil and if he comes back with a good price we'll see. I will keep you posted. Oh it's blue. Lescoy can't wait to learn how to post picture's so I can show you Taj. I know how to send a photo to an email addresss.
  12. I would love to hear what is your all time favourite Paddy? I am trying to decide on my next one?:yahoo:
  13. :smile:I'm not a paddy fiend - but I like the bleu nuit and I do like the Argent. Mind you there was a rather gorgeous one last week on EBay - it was sort of Bengal spotted - a real treasure! I really should have bought it - shouldn't I??:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  14. :nuts:Ha Ha you think I have learnt nothing. Fake Fake although if it had of been real it would be in Aussieland now.:wlae:What is your favorite bag?
  15. :graucho:Trust me it was gorgeous:throwup::throwup:

    Favourite bag - oh dear, tough one. I love the Mulberry Roxanne in Oak - its a great bag for everyday. I love the Givenchy Pumpkin bag, and the Tanner Krolle Money Bag. Chloe - I like the Edith, but I'm actually quite liking the Quilted Bay and its got one thing in its favour too, you can pop it on your shoulder if you need to! As a weird choice I like the Thomas Wylde skull bag, and also the newer Mission bag. The Chloe Ava satchel with long handle is gorgeous leather - and honestly if I had to choose just one bag I'd really struggle - I don't know what I'd go for.

    Just got the fright of my life - a squirrel just popped up at the patio doors - wasn't expecting it - :graucho:
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