Zimmer Frame - for 'over 40's' Chloe and fashionistas!

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  1. :wlae:I actually have about 5 Vintage "Gold Pfeil" from a great source in Germany. They originally were the Premier Crocodile handbag makers. My other passion.
  2. :nuts:Crocodiles!!!???:nuts::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  3. :wlae:Yep I would'nt buy a new one, but the Vintage skins are beautiful and as I am a animal lover what's dead and gone is gone, what's alive can stay alive, is my motto. A Question for all my knowledgable diva's, I tried to order:wlae: a Paddington key ring today from the Italy source (Louisa-something) anyway they emailed me back and said I could only have it delivered to Australia if I spent over 1,000 Euro's with them, well I only want a key ring:cursing::cursing::cursing:. Does anyone know where else you can buy them that delivers to Australia?
  4. :graucho:Well - I like crocodiles - but wouldn't want to meet one! My mother has a bag which she got whilst living in Egypt many years ago - and its a skin - and its absolutely beautiful - I've never seen a skin quite like it. She is 71 and uses it occasionally.

    :tdown:Dear me - that is a shame about Luisaviaroma.com. What a stupid rule - I'm afraid I don't know who else has these. What about say AlohaRag.com - not sure if they do them. I imagine some of our ladies may well know where you can get one - and shipped to Australia. I'd courier one myself for you if I could:roflmfao:
  5. Lescoy, that's so sweet of you, and the thought is appreciated. I hope someone comes along with an idea, or if anyone see's one for sale.:wlae:
  6. You must post pics of your gorgeous kitty!!!:heart: I am dying for one!
  7. :confused1:Well I would if I could. My limit with the computer is buying, email and this is my first thread. He is really beautiful, Bengal cats are stunning. He was born in Dec. and already weights 6kilo's and climbing, they grow to 11 to 12 kilo's. He is a replacement for our beloved Poodle who died of old age recently. Sad . Anyway I'll try and get someone to teach me how to post:tup:
  8. :wlae:Oh and these cat's are great with children, they act like dogs, he walks on a lead. Can you imagine it me the Cat and my new baby Paddy all going for a walk:wlae:Ha Ha
  9. :yahoo:
    :yahoo:I just worked out what a"Zimmer Frame" was, I new the name and them realised I recently used one in Hospital when I had a hip replacement to walk with. How clever of you I think they also make replacement joints, I might already have one in my hip. Small world
  10. OOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhh! The crocodile handbags SOUND GORGOUS!!! I've never seen one of those in Gold Pfeil!!! I must have "discovered" them too late! :cursing: Wow, that is an amazing collection! I'm pea-green:smile: Yes, they made wonderful handbags in the old days...I have no idea what the current collection looks like now IRL. When I was on their website, I didn't see anything that was tempting...:rolleyes:
  11. I forgot to post this question - I did NOT know what a zimmer frame was until I just googled it! :P

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  12. Hi VIntageCharm, try this site. I know they deliver worldwide. They do have a white paddington keyring at US$154.78.


    Hope u get what u want :smile:
  13. I love this thread! I, too, am an older gal, not married, one child married and gone. It's been two years since I started indulging in designer bags...lately, chloe paddys (medium satchel) and Balenciaga. No, I am not too old to wear these lovelies - I thoroughly enjoy them!
  14. Okay, I don't exactly qualify either, but I love the title of this thread!!! :P

    I'm 33, but feel 83 most days, due to some ongoing health issues (nothing serious though) so I feel ready for the Zimmer frame! I have three children and my eldest turned 5 last week. Last night she asked me, in all seriousness, "Mum, how old are you?" I answered "33, so what will I be on my next birthday?" She gives me a very cheeky grin and says "162!" :roflmfao: :rolleyes:

    I feel that the older you get, the less you worry about things being "trendy" and "popular", you just buy what you love and what (you hope) suits you!
  15. :tdown:
    Sanity I looked there before but the one I am after is a small rouge Paddy in a keyring the only site I have found them is in Italy. Hopefully they will show up somewere else, I don't give up easily, just ask my Bridge Partners:cursing:
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