Zimmer Frame - for 'over 40's' Chloe and fashionistas!

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  1. Just being nosy... as I don't qualify. :biggrin:

    lol. you and sollytia crack me up!

    :wtf::roflmfao: First you want to sell me your daughter, now you want to disown your son. lol. Architecture does take along time though, which is exactly why I didn't do it... plus it doesn't pay enough to fund designer purses...
  2. Nice to know I'm not alone in loving my Chloes! :nuts: I have Gucci, Prada and MJ as well, but those are past loves, although from time to time I do indulge them in a night or day "out." I even have a couple of "Gold Pfeil" handbags from Germany (not available in the USA) that I take on "outings" as well. That said, it's the Chloes that I obsess over:smile::yahoo:I've just turned 57 and I couldn't believe that number was ME!! (Yes, I am a baby boomer and we said we'd NEVER grow up!) My "children" are grown, married and one has kids of her own, but now I have the time and money for me at last!!! My Chloe closet is my own private "domain" and one of my favorite pasttimes is deciding which handbag I'll wear for the week:smile::yes: The nice thing is no matter where you are on your "diet" those stunning handbags always FIT!! My DH is really a DH and doesn't mind indulging my passions, especially since he's my favorite one!!:yahoo:
  3. Hi leanbeanee - :tup:

    Well, I have another son available - he's great if you want a super laugh, and love electric guitar. 16 - completely nuts and completely oblivious to danger!!:nuts: Just think of the 'Crocodile Hunter' you'll get the picture:nuts:

    Architecture - ugh - when you see some of the buildings these days. Its a nightmare. Still - he will be hoping to be that one in a million architect - you know the one who designs the most magnificent thing the world has ever seen - and is paid accordingly. Trust me - if his salary doesn't allow him to afford the designer handbags - as long as he doesn't want to use them - I'll be happy:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  4. Whow very nicely put only for that sentence he should get you another bag.


    My husband doesn't get the whole bag thing he likes nice quality products and compliments my style even if he prefers logocanvas (Dior/Gucci/Fendi) and bright colors (I am more of the opposite don't like the "flashy" things) but he really can't get why you would have more than one bag in the same color. :rolleyes:
  5. :yes:Yes - its great to have the handbags for sure - I'm just starting out really, but having a great time on the forum. Those Gold Pfeil bags are really nice - I've seen a couple, not IRL - but I do like the look of them. They are difficult to get hold of - but certainly unusual because of it!:yes:
  6. don't complain...my son wants to be a cartoonist! oh yeah, i can see those millions rolling in!!!!
  7. :tup:Well - as long as he remembers his Mum!!

    My younger son sees himself as the next 'Slash' from Guns'N Roses - which is interesting if a tad noisy!:yahoo:
  8. guns n' roses...i admit it i used to have a crush on axl rose!!!!!:hysteric: what was i thinking?! oops, i wasn't thinking!
    slash is a mean guitar player though...:woohoo:
  9. I have two of the Gold Pfeil handbags...one I bought YEARS ago in Munich and it's a large black structured bag...almost a HERMES look with a lock closure...(Hmmm, I was obsessed with locks even then!) and the other one is a large black, zippered top shoulder tote with a sort of ornamental "charm" on it that is the "Gold Pfeil" logo...kind of military looking. I got the matching wallet with that one, and I bought that bag and wallet in Frankfurt. They have a WONDERFUL huge Gold Pfiel store in Frankfurt...so, if you're ever changing planes and have a big layover, it's a nice place to get a handbag "fix." :tup:
  10. Guns 'N Roses? Who are they? :P Kidding! I wish I was that young!

    Looks like you, lescoy and puka, can have your children pay for your handbag obsession. :yahoo:
  11. What is a gold pfiel handbag?
  12. :yahoo:I'm hopeful!!!

    Oh and BTW - Slash is still in good form - son saw him about 6 weeks ago, in Glasgow - with Velvet Revolver! He was struggling to cope with the smoking ban (Slash not my son!!) - got fined in Cardiff for smoking on stage - what a joke £50 - as if he'd notice eh!!:roflmfao:
  13. :smile:Gold Pfeil - its a make of bag. Its quite sort of classic, and they have had some nice pieces. I don't think they are very widely available. I've seen a couple on EBay - one real, one fake!!:yes:
  14. Yes, actually "Gold Pfeil" was originally a luggage maker. It's a German company that was known for their fine leather goods, and then they branched out a number of years ago into handbags. First they made briefcases and "work" related type leather goods...more for men. Then they started making handbags, but only a few styles. Most of them were very structured, (Birkin type) dressier handbags, but they always had wonderful solid brass hardware and fabulous hand stitching. You can go to their website, (goldpfeil.com) and see the latest selection of their handbags and other leather goods. (I have nothing to do with the company! LOL) But as I said I do own two of their bags, and they are lovely. That said, I think the older handbags, (like most companies) were made better than the new ones:smile::wlae:
  15. :smile:So now - I can add Frankfurt to a list of long weekend destinations!! Also direct Lufthansa flight from Edinburgh - so even better!!! I think their things are very nice - I like structured - but then buy one and (I bought a Tanner Krolle) and say, its too structured not slouchy enough and leave it in its dustbag. I'm definitely NOT normal!:nuts:
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