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  1. Hi Mugg's, hope you LOVE the movie & have fun:smile: 3D is so cool. I really want to see this movie too so please let me know what you think. DH is taking SD to CO skiing this mo so maybe I'll go see it then. How are you doing? How is the job & your MH (M is for miserable:biggrin:)
  2. ^OOOh skiing, we went to Snowmass in Dec., love that ski area atmosphere. Where in SD do you go?
  3. Oooooooh did someone say skiing? I'm very excited because I'm going to ski at Lake Tahoe this weekend......cannot wait!!
  4. Oops SD is step-daughter not South Dakota;) They are going to Steamboat Springs, CO, I think????
    Lake Tahoe is sooooo awesome, it has been years and years and years....since I've skied there. I am NOT a mogul person and they have the nicest long smooth runs and love the snow there not all ice like here on the east coast ski areas. Have fun in Tahoe and be careful:biggrin:
  5. angelsandsome-

    Never skiid the East Coast so have no frame of reference.

    Thank you much - I will definitely be careful...after watching all the serious ski accidents in the Olympics, I can't help but get a little concerned. Luckily I'm no daredevil, just concerned that those who are might crash into me! What I like about Tahoe is that there are so many ski resorts to choose from. Nice variety.
  6. Well......both of you have fun, and watch out for the crazy daredevils on ski's and boards. I've been flattened a couple of times by a runaway.....LOL Love Lake Tahoe, beautiful area, was there a couple of years ago.

    Sorry angel, I misread your reply (SD), guess I was thinking S. Dakota.
  7. Hello everyone! Off to have tea with Alice tomorrow!
  8. Oh Muggles !!! I have been dying/waiting for your avatar to change to the new alice and cheshire cat :P I'm hoping to take my kids to see it tomorrow too. :biggrin:

    I love Johnny Depp - and I love the Disney Alice, I can imagine Tim Burton's spin on it would be great... If you get back before I go, please let me know what you think of it!

    Kisses from Australia :smile:
  9. Mugg's you will have to report back to us as soon as you are out:biggrin: You have got to teach me how to change my avatar with such cool pics:smile:
    I totally agree, what's not to love about Johnny Depp???? Loved him in the pirate movies:graucho:

    Mad, just stay on the bunny hills;)
  10. Thank you llson!

    I have never tried Snowmass, that must have been very nice in December! I did ski in Aspen many years ago, but not sure if it was Snowmass or another mountain. It was so beautiful up there.

    angelsandsome- I'm not going to take it too fast as it's the first time I've been up all season. I'll stick to the intermediate runs, no black diamonds for me!!
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