Zimmer Frame - for 'over 40's' Chloe and fashionistas!

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  1. Yes, Chloe gals are the best!! I may leave and go visiting another forum, but I always come back - guess I'm a Chloe gal--I seem to enjoy my Chloe bags the most.
    Angels, that Silverado hobo is gorgeous, I'd carry that one year round.

    Hope everyone is on the mend.
  2. Ok Linda so where have you been hanging? I know where Leslie hangs:graucho: So you think the Silverado can be carried year round? I thought she was more of a fall/winter bag?
  3. I'd carry a Silverado all year - well dependent on the colour of course - but as 'black' is my thing - I'd safely carry all year.
  4. I had a silverado - toughest hide i have ever come across. Should be great for all year round. I just found mines shoulder straps were too small. Might have been buffalo hide. moo.
  5. ^^ tough hide is good! ITA the shoulder strap - doesn't have much of a drop - so for shoulder carry its not ideal.

    Don't you think its nice though to see the older 'girls' the celebs and such carrying and wearing nice things - I mean - they can still look great.
  6. I have a green silverado and its amazing....I haven't worn it this winter becuase the colour is a bit more spring summery....other than that the leather is amazing....
  7. ^^ that green was stunning - and I'm not a green lover TBH - but I did buy a couple of things - a green wool coat - which is gorgeous and a green linen coat for spring - and I've toyed with a green bag - but I've not seen anything I feel that excited about - in fact I have a Gris Vert large Edith - I've never used her - but I think I'd like a nicer - well, kind of more dressy bag IKWIM?
  8. It turns out I love green much more than I thought...dare I say maybe more than Purple!

    The green silverado is stunning beyond belief!
  9. Green and purple together can be stunning!!!

    I never wore green - just wasn't a colour I'd ventured into - but I saw the coat and that was it - they had it in black - but the green was just so much better - and I love it. I do love purple - I had a spell where I had a lot of purple in the wardrobe - but now - its black and black and oh - black!!
  10. Wow, Mona, would love to see a pic of that green Silverado, sounds gorgeous.

    Lescoy, Gris Vert is beautiful on Edith.

    I have a Silverado that I've had for years, tough as nails and still has this casual elegance vibe that continues to draw compliments. Mine is one of the larger styles with the front pockets. The color on my hang tag says olive, but it looks tan to me.

    Angels, I sometimes hang around YSL or 'where ever' I happen to wander. :rolleyes:

    BTW- I live in Florida and carry most of my bags year round except for calf hair, I usually limit that to winter, and the lighter ones in summer. Although pretty much anything goes here -- it's that casual atmosphere.
  11. the green Silverado is stunning!!
  12. Hmmm, thank you ladies, I will bring her out again:biggrin: My silverado hobo has a great drop handle that fits perfectly on the shoulder and she is HUGE, has the 2 side pockets which works great for my cell phone & mini calculator:graucho:

    Ooooh I love green, as you could see from my Sapin Bal City, gorgeous color:smile: Mona, I'd love to see pic's too of your silverado:smile:

    Lescoy you probably could start your own rental bag store with all the bags you have hiding in your closet:graucho: I have teased my sister about doing that as she has many many designer bags:nuts:

    Linda, you are right, in FL you can carry any bag anytime of the year, hey, you aren't that far from me, maybe I'll pop over and take a looksie in your closet;)
  13. Hello ladies! What's new?
  14. Hey Mugg's, what's new with you girl? Tell me what new goodies you've bought:biggrin: It was suppose to be sunny and warm here today but when we got out of Church the wind is up, overcast and brrrrr cold:sad: DH even cancelled his bike ride. Went to see Avatar in 3D at IMAX last night. Totally cool movie but too long. Even DH thought it dragged on a bit too long in the fights, etc. Golly, the 3D made it as if you were actually a part of the movie. I'm so spoiled since we have our own mini theater room though cuz I HATE spending those prices to go out AND I can have my glass of wine:graucho: For 2 tickets & the fandango fee it was $35.50!!!:nuts: Thankgoodness I had already previously bought the big box of candies for DH & myself:smile: & a bottle of water all went into the lovely Silverado Hobo. Had to put the City up til today as she is just too small to fit everything.
    Got home just in time to watch the USA bobsledding team win:smile: :yahoo: Gosh, aren't those outfits they wear a bit toooo revealing??? Ya don't mind it on some of them but the driver for USA needs to shed a few lbs before he puts one back on:smile: I'm off to work out.
  15. Hey angels! Hi everyone!
    Going to see Alice in 3D tomorrow! Can't wait!