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  1. ^angelsandsome.....:ty: for the welcome! Hi, Muggles..........:yahoo:
  2. Hiya Angels! So good to see you back here again, I am glad you are continuing on your recovery! Keep it up, you will soon be back up to 12+ on your Elliptical soon!
    I am again having problems......this time it is my back.
    I have a badly herniated Lumbar disc, just started having pain 3 weeks ago....I need to have surgery on Dec 16th.
    The doc wanted me in earlier ( like this coming Monday) BUT I need to wait for my Mom to come out for Xmas the 13th and take care of me! DH is hopeless....
    I did not hurt my back recently, it is just a result of many years as a Gymnast and Equestrian, plus wear and tear.....lots of falls on my butt did not help. I guess that disc just gave out one day!
    Ohhhh, I could just kill DH tho.....he is a couch potato and has been snarky about me being a person trainer and 'supposedly' in good shape/fit/healthy.....and this is my second surgery on 6 months ( Rotator Cuff in July.....) .....Oh well.
    But I am so glad to hear you are OK, and so glad you checked in on all of us! We missed you ! :hugs:
  3. ^^Gosh, so sorry to hear about your back and having surgery. Your Mom is a trooper, huh? My Mom would've liked to come and helped me but she's just not up to it physically so my twin came and 3 weeks with anyone except your Mom gets people cagey:nuts: Anyway was very thankful for her help. My DH was hit by a car a few years back while riding his bike so he understands, he's just not a good care-giver;). I will keep you in my prayers. Oh yeah, you didn't tell me about the handbag in your avatar, who is it?
  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you lovely Chloe ladies, BTW, you are the BEST here on TPF:smile: Wishing you all a very Blessed Christmas.
  5. :heart: Merry Christmas to you , Angels!
    Hoping everyone is having a mellow Christmas Eve!
    My 16 YO has just baked the most delicious sourdough baguette......
  6. Awww, how sweet, sounds nummy. I have to run and get dressed as we are taking my son and DH's 2 children out to din-din.
    By golly you got yet another Channel in your avatar huh? This is gorgeous and I know you got the red one when did you get this one while you were on drugs?:yahoo:
  7. where has our chatty thread gone? cant find it?
  8. OH !! there it is- right at the top.......carry on...
  9. ^^ Ro, you are too cute:biggrin: I guess no one wants to chat here anymore?:crybaby:
  10. Hello................just checking in.:biggrin:
  11. ^^Cute Linda:biggrin: What's wrong with us? We use to chat here alot? I guess since Mugg's & EllieMae and Leslie/Pilates has all gone to the dark side we've fallen off:sad:
    You know we can all expand our desires;) but you know we here at Chloe are the BEST:yahoo:Sooooo come back girls:nuts:
  12. Oops, I forgot to ask you Linda whatcha been up to? Bought any fine handbags lately that you haven't posted? I carried my gorgeous Sapin Bal City today for the first time. I do like her but am trying to decide if she's big enough for me. I put my lovely Anthra Silverado Hobo back to sleep in her dustbag til Fall/Winter. She is sooo big that I get totally spoiled cuz I can carry anything and everything I want if I can lift her up on the ole shoulder:nuts:
  13. Nooooo, I am here, back from the dark side! :devil:
  14. Glad to see you back:smile: Sorry about your back:sad:
  15. Thanks darlin, it will be OK !
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