Zimmer Frame - for 'over 40's' Chloe and fashionistas!

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  1. :wlae:Sanity, Relish this time, I remember when my daughter would'nt be seen dead in anything Mum had, but recently on a shopping trip with her she actually bought a pair of Leopard print shoes (I'd been wearing leopard print accessories for about year). So of course one of my Leopard bags went home with her. All she could say was she could'nt believe how she was turning into me. Great shock for a young women. Ha Ha revenge is sweet.:smile:
  2. :confused1::confused1:I'd love to know which is your favourite Paddy. Not too big, just right for us young at heart? Oh and it's great to hear from you ALL:wlae:
  3. Great thread idea...have not hitten 40 yet but will next year, so hopefully I am admitted.
    The older I get the younger I dress...:P. Hubby is a bid responsable for this too he just likes short skirts etc my girls like for mom to be hip and stylish...and I say to myself this might be the last years I can carry it off without looking risiculous.
    My style is more casualchic (two preteen girls and an 18 month old).
    I have had designer bags since highschool (mostly Fendi and LV hand me downs from mom and aunt)
    But have only started splurging a couple of years ago, before it was mostly shoes.
    I started with Dior, then Bal, LV accessory (don't like the bags that much) Chloé and now back to Fendi with a spy on the way:nuts:!
  4. :wlae:Welcome, welcome, hopefully this thread will be not only genereous of heart but informative as well. Age has no meaning if your in your grave.
  5. i like solly tia's avatar...
    not yet forty...i have a 12 year old boy and an 8 year old girl (my tan paddy is her family heirloom for when she turns 15, if and only i am not still using it!) and no, none of my friends understands this obsession with handbags (and i only have one)!
    so far i like the classic paddy but i must admit the ava is quite a nice bag too...
  6. ;)The Ava IRL is gorgeous..............:drool: I saw the satchel, which also has the long strap. TDF - I was overly excited - and then I noticed it had a stitch missing on the underside of the bag, and I was mortified - it would need professionally repaired - certainly given the junk I carry........the kitchen sink always comes in useful on a day out you know!!:graucho:
  7. :yahoo:Shhhhhhh......we'll not quibble about a few years!! Great to see you!:tup:
  8. :tup:A woman after my own heart!!! I just let my husband buy a motorhome (he likes to fish and so he can go off for a weekend, I'm hoping!!) - so I said nothing - just let him get on with it. I've been good - he's had it 3 maybe 4 weeks - and I haven't bought anything ............. yet!!:graucho:
  9. :nuts:I keep losing you, first your a cat, then Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, then Becks, then something else - and now.......:nuts:SollyTia - you can't be reversing numbers - no way........:rolleyes:
  10. Ooo I would hate to have to rely on my husband for my bags - I buy them myself!
  11. :graucho:Well if my husband bought me a bag - God alone knows what it would look like! He doesn't have a clue about designer fashion, in fact about fashion in general - but he never complains if I buy something - just raises his eyebrows and goes 'oh yes!!' Maybe I should get him interested in 'man bags'??:roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. No one at work would notices my bags. I work at an engineering firm that does tooling and gaging....it's mostle men. They wouldn't know a good quality bag if they saw one....

    My boyfriend on the other hand, thinks I'm nuts.....
    But believes there are worse things for me to spend my money on. (We've been living together for about 12 years now.)

    I don't have kids, and am finally at a point where I have the income to buy things that I want. So I do!
  13. :tup:Excellent - your BF is right - there are definitely worse things you could spend your money on......and at least it means you are looking after yourself and making yourself look good when you go out - which makes you feel good inside! I'm all for it!!:yahoo:
  14. oh yeah, you never know when you'll need one!! i still remember opening my bag and pulling out lego pieces (yoda),a gameboy (DFS me thinks it's called now),an origami crane that my son made, some candy,stamps, a set of keys i still don't know who they belong to,sunnies...and i still couldn't find to my wallet! i almost got a rabbit out of the bag too...:yes:
  15. :tup:Sounds like mine - I love these large bags these days - mine is like Dr Whos Tardis - I've tried a smaller bag - but it just doesn't work for me! I thought I'd have an LV Pochette just for a small bag, casual night out - hey, its never been outside, well actually its been to Portugal a couple of times, but didn't see any sun:roflmfao::roflmfao:
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