Zimmer Frame - for 'over 40's' Chloe and fashionistas!

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  1. :tup:Due to us 'oldies' still wanting to be young, bold, proud and fashion conscious - we are interested to hear from like-minded fashionistas. Tell us your experiences with your friends, relatives and work mates - do they think you are crazy with your designer cravings? We'd love to hear from you on your new purchases, your wishlists and current collection (not just Chloe) -

    Look forward to hearing from you all - :tup:
  2. *sneaks in and sits in the corner quietly, shhhhh only 36*
  3. :wlae:Lescoy I am here finally, I should nick name myself "Mama Rouge" after my baby. My story is rather ordinary but I am sure I am not alone. I am often told "NOT ANOTHER HANDBAG" I must be mad. These people are always the ones that have one handbag and they kill it before they get another YUCK. My collection of Chanel, Gucci, L.V. Coach, Scala and now Baby Paddy are all in special boxes put to sleep with covers and love. I do use them all just alternate. I hate it when someone wants to go through my boxes and disturb them and not pack away properly. Anyway this is my vice my dear Husband has a fishing vice so he never complains and we are both blissfully happy. I finally told him tonight what I bought, guess what he said? "Well we will have to take her out when she arrives, how about Chinese" I thought it was so sweet, I think I'll buy him another fishing rod tomorrow:heart::heart::heart::heart:For him. Thanks for the Thread
  4. Hahahahaha. I lost my way back to the thread.

    Senile navigation that is.

    How appropriate is it, my post count should just hit the dreaded 888. As a bingo caller would say, 3 fat ladies!!!!!

    Vintagecharm ~ You know what they say about fishing.

    Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.
    Teach a man to fish, and he will spend every weekend in a boat drinking beer.

    PS. About age, just to clarify, I am now reversing numbers, so therefore I am younger than my daughter.

    I only realised earlier, if anyone were to ask how old she was, I would answer 26. Don't know why this number has stuck.
  5. :wlae:I think it's something the younger one's:wlae: could learn, "Keep your man happy and you can indulge in your passions. I'm lucky mine doesn't drink just fishes.
  6. Hey as long as I cook for hubby and tell him he's adorable I get my goods....that's designer goods thank you very much!!

    Let's see I'm 48 and now have the desposable income to indulge towards the niceties of life (hopefully at a bargain!).

    I'm wondering what I enjoy more? The designer's creation,the deal, or scoring both???:graucho:
  7. Er, um, no dh or children here but I'm taking care of the kid - me! I haven't been able to start a collection until now - or is it that I've got different priorities? :cutesy:
    Anyway, I'm having a blast! :P
  8. It's amazing how much joy our handbags give us. I can't wait to receive my first Paddy, she is currently in the mail winging her way towards me. :yahoo:
  9. I am soo enjoying all your comments and pardon me for joining in as I am not quite 40 but 35......

    I have managed to sneak a few minutes on the computer browsing my favourite place " The Purse Forum".
    I got my two daughters (7 and 4) busy doing crafts and my son (11 months) standing right beside me tugging on the laptop's power cable. Thank God my DH doesn't require me to entertain him.

    As for my bag obsession, well my DH just lets me be and I let him be with his own little obsessions like nice cars etc...Everybody's gotta have a thing to obsess with, right?
  10. :tup:Mona, You deserve the Yeah for the day, It's bad enough when my cat (Bengal called "Taj") disconnects me, well done for taking some time for yourself:yahoo:
  11. Thanks, and I forgot to mention that I tell my DH that my shopping obsession is there to keep me sane from being with my lovely kids all the time....the joys of a stay at home mommy.......

    P.S. I wouldn't trade being a S.A.H.M for the world, but do love my shopping....
  12. i definitely belong here with you ladies/girls. i love my handbags, love to change up every few weeks or so. have LV, Chloe, Balenciaga, YSL, and Fendi all covered fairly well. a passion indeed.
  13. Count me in this group too, I find the older I get, the more fun I'm having with handbags. I've always loved handbags, but now I'm thankful to have the disposable income to substantiate my obsession --my hubby looks at my handbags as my hobby. My collection is wide spread, Chloe, Gucci, Dior, Prada, Tod's, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, LV, YSL, and a few misc. others. I must say that finding a great designer bag on sale is soooooo much fun.

    May we always be young at heart, have a spring in our step and carry a designer bag!!
  14. Here here....:drinks:
  15. Wow! Nice to have like minded people here. It is only recently that I fall in love with designer bags. Will never pay more than $200 in the past. Now, I have Gucci, LV, Balenciaga, Prada, Celine. Valentino and on the way to me, Chloes :smile:. My family and friends think I am crazy to spend so much on a bag. I think so too but ... who cares :P. It is my only "vice" now.

    Luckily for me, my daughter is too busy with her studies to want to borrow my bags :yahoo:. I love her dearly but she is not good at "babying" anything and will forget to put it back.
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