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  1. Anyone wear or heard of ziamonds? Thinking about getting the 1ct studs....
  2. what size were you thinking about getting?
  3. 1 ct. in each ear. Maybe 1 tcw. (1/2 in each ear). I can't afford actual diamonds and these look good. Are they like that diamonique?
  4. Im sorry, I didnt see that you had already said 1ct. I think they would be nice aslong as you get a believable size... I would ASSUME they are like diamonique, I have seen diamonique in person but not a ziamond.
  5. maybe .75s? my aunt is 4'9 and 1ct in each ear is just too much..
  6. or you can get Asha studs from BetterThanDiamond :graucho:

    there's a stud earring special which ends tomorrow: 1.5cttw Ashas in platinum. http://www.betterthandiamond.com/weekly/index.php

    or check out the rest of the earrings here: http://www.betterthandiamond.com/diamonds/jewelry/earrings/index.php

    if these are not in your current budget, you should head on over to www.freecz.com. Wink Jones of Winfields sells EXCELLENT sims. He's got great earrings for sale in his clearance section. http://www.freecz.com/store/clearance.php?action=show_earrings

    i've seen a ziamond sim, i own diamonique, and i also own an asha and several of wink's stones. the asha and wink's sims blow ziamond and diamonique away and look exactly (sometimes way better) than my diamond pieces.
  7. Thanks! They sound HORRIBLE! Not worth the money...

  8. Love the bunny in you signature :smile:

    I'm 5'3, I wear .25 ct in my second hole, SO I was looking to upgrade to a big one in my first (but can't shell out for the real thing right now...workin on the SO) :smile: