Zhang Ziyi in Harpaar's Barzaar & Cosmopolitan

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  2. she is sooooo beautiful. like gong li.
  3. ZZY is really elegant, I can only dream to look like her :yes:
  4. i am in love with zhang ziyi, gorgeous beyond belief

    but a lot of people dislike her cause its rumored there were pornographic pictures of her a while back.
  5. Gorgeous!!!!
  6. I don't really like her, she's kind of a priss..
  7. I think she's somehat overhyped... They always say how she's Gong Li's successor but I think she lacks Gong Li's charisma and aura. I LOVED Gong Li as Hatsumomo... so devilishly sexy and powerful in the show! ;p
  8. she's very beautiful with delicate features. i love that taupe multi-tiered top she has on!! wonder who the designer is.
  9. did she have an eyelid operation? A lot of chinese and korean actress went through that operation to make their eyes appear bigger.hmmm..
  10. not sure if she's had surgical eye lift, but makeup artists sometimes use special clear tape to lift the eye and create a bigger fold in the eyelids. i've had this done and it looks AMAZING in pics.
  11. she's so beautiful, thanks for posting! :biggrin:

  12. wow, i haven't heard of that. I think wanna try that.:graucho:
  13. Daniel Wu looks yummylicous! (far right)

  14. i already naturally have double eyelids- but my trip to VN, i bought a whole bunch of eyelid tape packs. :graucho:
  15. She's pretty. :smile: Whose the other girl?