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Mar 16, 1980
I guess things are getting out of hand here. Reminder - as long as I am admin here, there will be a zero tolerance policy for any individuals who decide to take their sh*t over here. Our policies are clear, you do not want to follow - you dont belong here.

littlestarfan got the boot, and there is many more to come. Go back where you all came from (namely BBB), we do not appreciate your arrogant and *****y attitudes here.

Post here if you have a problem with this policy and I will make sure to let the door hit you on your way out.
Thank you so much, Vlad. We really appreciate everything you do for us! You're my forum big brother. :nuts:

I love this forum, I've made so many friends I even get to chitchat with offline! Thanks for keeping it running.
I'm sorry that's happened...fortunately I'm in a different timezone and appear to have missed all the action.

Thanks for cracking down on disturbing people and for keeping the forum a safe and pleasant place.

By far the majority of people who post here are so nice,it is a pity that individuals feel the need to spoil things for everyone.

I hope you had a good holiday anyway...
Man, it seems like there have been a lot of troublemakers popping up lately X_x I always miss it though, lol. Thanks Vlad/Megs for protecting us. Sorry you had to come back to that though Vlad :/
Wow that blows :sad: Just wondering, what did Tori do that was so bad? I've known her for a while and she was nothing but cool. But I agree with the no drama policy! :biggrin:
I have no problems with the policy and give a big thumbs up to you and Megs for actively watching the forum and keeping it running smoothly :biggrin:

But I'm on the same page as Nori, what did Tori (littlestarsfan) do that was so bad to get her banned? I'm known her as long as Nori has and while I haven't been able to have lunch with those two lovely ladies yet, I've been in constant communication with Tori and she's always the sweetest.
Well Noriko I only saw one thread in which she was IntlSet's thread about the email that went wrong...and she was extremely offensive,nasty and rude. I actually reported one of her posts there.

She only had a total of 17 posts at the time,and at least 6 in that thread were attacking another member in an entirely unprovoked way. If she's been guilty of more of the same,then I am too happy that she's gone.

She may be a really sweet person,but she wasn't suitable for this forum.
^^^do you have a link to the thread? I didnt catch that one. Well, I won't try to make excuses since I don't know the situation, but I'm very sad it had to come to this :cry:
Noriko, I saw 2 topics in which she was rude. There was, as Quirky said, the one about IntlSet's email that went bad and then this one about Lila. I'm sure I read other snarky comments by her.

I don't know her personally so I don't judge of her personality but from where I stand, it was troll-baiting and uncalled-for snarky comments about people.
What I'm wondering is what straw broke the camel's back? Was it the Lila thread? If it was reported that she was being "snarky" on post 6, what post between then and the 100+ posts she had threw it off? I'm not saying any decision was wrong, I'm just wondering about the grounds for it.
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littlestarsfan said:
One should expect that when they air their personal problems on a forum people will respond.. and not always in their favor. Of course I've made mistakes but never with $10,000 of someone else's money. Stop pegging people as superior when you don't know the first thing about them.. everyone has been playing nice at the request of the mods, I don't see anything wrong with posting an opinion. (That is allowed, right?)

To answer Noriko's question: Oh, God forbid we play nice.

I think littlestarsfan doesn't get the atmosphere of the forum. While we don't expect everyone to respond "always in their favor," most people here don't appreciate being attacked. There's a difference between "posting an opinion" and being persistantly nasty. Noriko, I'm sure if you did a search for littlestarfan's posts, you'd see that she got banned for a good reason.

It's really interesting to see how we determine who we do and do not like. I've always figured a poster's character not only by how they treat me, but other people on this forum as well.
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IntlSet said:
I've always figured a poster's character not only by how they treat me, but other people on this forum as well.


I wasnt there when all that jumped off, but her first comment was obviously sarcastic and short -
littlestarsfan said:
It's always a good idea to carry $10,000 in cash around in your purse and then forget about it.
Everything after that just left a bad image of her.
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