Zero motivation, low confidence, anxiety

  1. Hi everyone! So I am typing on my iphone, I appologize for mistakes. Basically, I feel uncomfortable with how my body is becoming more unhealthy feeling and looking. Thing is, I cannot seem to stop eating junk for the life of me, and my motivation to exercise is so so low. I am currently 5'10 and about 135 pounds. I used to be super skinny at 115-120 pounds but now I have this mini gut and even dimpling on my stomach! It makes me self conscious. I also have terrible anxiety where I think that also stops me from actually moving my *** off the couch... Anyone else have/had these issues and found a way to solve it? I dont want to lose weight per say, but I want to look better and for sure not get any worse!

    I feel embarassed even typing this but I do need help. I eat probably 3-3500 calories a day of mostly junk, temptation always hits. Blah. Thanks guys. Also do you know any sites with good grocery lists and recipes to pack lunches at work?
  2. Hello!

    I'm new here, but thought I'd respond :smile: I LOVE junk food. It is a terrible addiction that I haven't personally kicked.

    I'm not saying it can't be kicked, but I was in your shoes and decided to do Weight Watchers online. It has gotten me to my lowest ever weight. I have lost over 30 lbs (10 lbs was pregnancy weight) and kept it off. I love WW because I don't deprive myself, and having lost so much weight I know I'll never go back to how I used to eat. I'm only 4'11 so for me it made a huge difference I'm now 98 - 99 lbs and I can still eat ice cream ;)

    I highly recommend it to anyone who loves food and wants to make a permanent change.
  3. OP, have you discussed any of this with a doctor?
  4. Not yet, not sure how they would be able to help other than prescribing anxiety meds, which I dont want or think I need lol. I think the best way to start is trying to only buy healthy and leave my debit/credit card at home... As I always buy crap at work hah.

    Thanks for the responses so far!
  5. Sometimes when I'm not eating well my motivation to run, etc disappears. I find if I force myself to bike, run, play tennis, yoga, whatever you're into, it really boosts my mood....the healthy diet typically follows. I can't wait to get out the next day, and I know I'll perform better with healthy foods.
    I try to follow the idea of eating a wide variety of non or lightly processed foods. Carry fruits and almonds to snack don't sound as if you have a weight issue, more of a nutrition and fitness issue....let some endorphins flow!
    And if you can't get going yourself, see a Doc.
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    Start by eating a super-healthy breakfast, and doing a short exercise ritual when you get out of bed.

    If you don't have time to make breakfast, you can make individual crustless veggie quiches on the weekend, freeze them, and microwave one each morning and serve with fruit.

    Sugary or salty carbs in the morning (or anytime) rob you of your energy. The way to get over junk food is to get your body used to better food and lots of water. Start with breakfast, since you can have that at home.


    Here is the quiche recipe (6 servings, I double it):

    3 eggs
    10-12 oz chopped frozen spinach, thawed (in microwave) and drained
    A little chopped onion (I cut up a sweet onion and freeze it in a ziploc)
    Shredded cheddar and mozzerella cheese (I forgot how much, no more than 6 oz)
    Cayenne pepper, paprika, whatever spices you like but not salt

    Mix ingredients, bake in 6 individual silicon cupcake cups in pie pans (because they spill) at 350 degrees for 40 minutes until lightly browned in spots on top.

    Serve with grapes or apple or fresh fruit. Salsa and lite sour cream are optional. Ham on the side is good too.

    Freeze extras, then microwave in the mornings. (Remove the silicon cup before microwaving!)


    This is not the tastiest breakfast, but healthy tasty breakfasts take more time. They are totally worth it, though, if you are not on a schedule. The veggie quiches, over time, should make you feel better than a donut breakfast would.


    Exercise ritual goes something like this: in bed, full body stretch, point and flex feet, arch back, 5 deep full breaths, open palms. Out of bed on the floor, I do a Yoga sun salutation and some knee pushups (because I have no pectoral strength and this helps). Lay on back, knees to chest, cobra, down dog, forward bend. That's it. Maybe two minutes. EASY. (Sometimes the dogs ask for a hug before I get up off the floor - then it takes four minutes.)


    Just do the morning routine without thinking. No thinking allowed until you do your morning warmup and have your healthy breakfast. It should only take 30 minutes. Totally worth getting up a half hour early for the "me time".

    Over time, you should feel better, and be motivated to add more healthy routines to your day.

    When you are really motivated, high intensity interval training like Insanity will firm up your legs and core. That takes a commitment. Start with the easy morning routine above and you will become more accustomed to discipline, then you'll want more.

    Good luck! :smile:
  7. Have you had a physical recently? I don't think you should rule out seeing a doc just because you think all they'll do for you is prescribe anxiety meds.

    A therapist could help too, in finding the root of why you're having these issues. If you're so anxious that you don't want to get off the couch, that's something you should address so you can be on the road to feeling better. :smile:
  8. I agree. Knowing what's causing the anxiety/binging and working on those issues should help. Medication will just ease the symptoms, not the cause.
  9. I'm very concerned about your reaction to your symptoms. This is no joke and nothing to mess around with. When you're felling so much you can't function it's a warning sign of more to come. Getting it under control now ,prevents a bigger badder problem later. And yes that means medication to help control the systems so you can focus on the problem. I'm not a fan of medication what so ever,in anyway shape or form. And have suffered from anxiety and depression since 21 ( now 45) on and off meds most my life. But had a good 7yrs of nothing,no systems,no depression,nothing. Then one day it hit like a locomotive out of no where and the last thing I wanted was meds. And I did all I could to not go to my Dr and to stay off the medication. ( I knew better) And it got to a point where it was non stop and the crying was non stop and I felt like I was dying,and I couldn't sleep or eat or think or go outside ,I didn't feel safe,I didn't want to talk to anyone but felt lonely. And the list is 10 miles long. I walked into my Dr crying please make this stop. And he did with meds and a referral to a psych guy and a counselor.
    I waited to long ,with warning systems that I ignored.DONT IGNORE THESE, IT WILL GET WORSE. ( if you had warning signs of heart failure, you'd fix it,If you found a lump in your breast ,you'd have it checked, broken arm? Have it fixed. This is no different, get it fixed.)
  10. I think the key is to start small. Don't cut out junk food completely, but set a goal that's attainable and try your best to stick to it. So if you eat 10 cookies in a sitting, cut it back to 8. If you eat 20 chips, cut it back to 15, then mix on some carrot sticks or celery or plum tomatoes...something healthy that will fill you up. As you go along, you'll slowly start to kill those cravings..just keep reducing and replacing with something healthy. Finally ending up to where you have one cheat day.
    As far as exercise, again, start slow. Do 100 jumping jacks every day. See how that works for you...then up it to 150. Run in place/high knees, for 60 seconds, 4 times. Anything is better than nothing.
    Once you start doing a few little things, it will make it much easier to progress.
  11. what do you mean by anxiety?
  12. OK, here is the thing at 5'10 and 135 you are not overweight! You may be 'skinny fat'. The buzz term for people these days for people in range for their weight, but perhaps 'flabby' or with a tummy.

    If you want tone up, start replacing those junk foods, slowly as Charles suggests. Not just with veggies, but also some protein and healthy fat. Yes, fat. If you don't take in some healthy fat, you're body will not release that tummy fact it will hold on to it even tighter. Check out info on a paleo diet or low carb don't have to follow either exactly, but those both have a lot of good points to them and will move you in the right direction, as you figure out what works for you. Start incorporating some exercise, especially muscle building exercise.

    As far as the anxiety, as you clean out your system that might help...but honestly, I agree with the other gals, I think a trip to the doctor or a therapist is in order. It's not a judgement, it's just about you being the best you and you being able to enjoy your life, as much as possible.

    Good luck :smile:
  13. Yeah, I was gonna mention that too. At your height and weight, you're almost underweight. Granted, we don't know your fat% or if you actually have flab or this is something only you see. So yeah, just try to replace the junk food with good stuff. Like I said, veggies...also like Twinkle said..protein, so almonds, greek yogurt (plain with honey), a protein bar like Pure Protein or Clif Builders Bars. I actually think a protein bars is dessert, so it works out. High fiber things like plain oatmeal (again with honey if you want to add some sweetness), quinoa.
  14. I just read an article about food addicts and it say what I pretty much thought. It said that some people cannot do moderation. They have to go cold turkey. I am this way with sugar. I tried moderation for a long time. It didn't work. But when I cut all sugar out, I have a much easier time of it. They compared it to an alcoholic, saying you wouldn't tell an alcoholic to drink in moderation. Same principle.

    I cut out all sugar and most carbs. And I feel much better when I do it. I have fallen off the wagon a couple of times.
  15. Unfortunately, OP already said she can't stop eating junk if she was able to go cold turkey, she already would have. Hence the suggestion to try to slowly cut it back.