Zero feedback buyer

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  1. I'm sorry I've been listing so many threads on this board recently. I love this board, because I always get great advice and honest opinions. I just received an email from a buyer in Denmark with zero feedback and she wants to know why she cannot bid on some brand new $1,045 CL boots I'm selling. I filled out my preferences in the auction to not allow anyone with less than 4 feedback or negative feedback to bid. This lady says she really wants these boots and will pay the BIN offer that I have listed. I just looked up her buying history and she has only bought one dress in the last 30 days, but has not left any feedback or received any feedback. I feel bad if this lady is honest and really wants a chance to buy these CL boots. Has anyone sold $1,450 shoes or handbags to a buyer with zero feedback in Denmark? Should I just email her back and tell her I'm sorry I cannot sell to anyone with zero feedback or not respond to her. Would you recommend that I just wait and see if I get another offer. TIA
  2. I'm from Denmark :graucho:, and just want to tell you somthing ;).

    My first buy on ebay was a bal bag worth $ 1.000 and a sweet seller from the US sold it to me anyways :yahoo:.

    Don't know what you should decide, but perhaps you could ask her, WHY she haven't given and gotten feedback ??.

    (she also has to be aware that costums are 1/3 to the $1.450, perhaps she isn't that interested then ;)).

    Best of luck, what ever you deside :biggrin:.
  3. I don't ship internationally, but I will sometimes make an exception. She seems very interested. The feedback wouldn't bother me as much as shipping internationally. I have had problems so I just do not do it. If you don't feel comfortable than just nicely explain you do not ship internationally.
  4. If you do take her offer, make sure you ship with a fully trackable method like USPS Express, and fully declare the amount she paid for the item. That way you're covered.
  5. This is a litte OT but how did you block a zero feddback bidder? I didn't think we could, am I missing something?
  6. ^^ That's what I was thinking too-zero FB bidders CAN'T be blocked. The lady who wants to bid must have some prior problems? Did you check her ID on toolhaus? It may not show everything on ebay.

  7. Good point. I want to know this too. Or maybe she just block international shippers? What's the story OP?
  8. I had blocked bidders with - 2 or more FP. This buyer had submitted a low offer and when I declined her offer and then blocked her when I saw that she had zero feedback and she was also from Denmark. She ended up emailing me asking why she could not submit a second offer and I have not responded yet, because I'm concerned about her zero feedback. I did just check toolhaus and saw that she has left one negative feedback to a seller that never went through with the auction that she had won.
  9. Oh really...probably better to keep her blocked then. You don't need a newbie bidder who is quick to leave a neg.
  10. This is her id: kath20_21. Her feedback is zero, but when I looked to see if she has left any feedback I found the one negative she left to a seller in the US. I hope it's o.k. that I put her id up, but wanted to see if anyone recognizes her id.
  11. I'd just tell her that you are not comfortable shipping something so expensive using a postal system you are not familiar with. AND that you ship only to Paypal-confirmed addresses. And thank her for her interest. Then make certain you show in your listing that you ship only to the US (or US and Canada, or whatever) So if she opens another ID, she'll be blocked on basis of her location.
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    Thanks CowPrincess. I did take your advice, but she just sent me another email saying she really wants these CL boots and she cannot get them in Denmark. I still don't understand how she can be on ebay for 2 years and not have any feedback.
  13. I just received an email from another potential bidder on these CL boots and she said she is a member of TPF and wanted to know if I would accept a money order. I have never received a money order. Is this safe? And I thought we could only use PP on ebay?
  14. actually I don't think it is that strange, I know lots of ppl who only use ebay when they really have to beacause they can't get somthing in their country or city. My mom for example has been on ebay for 3 years and has 4 feedbacks.
    I know that there are more and more nasty buyers and I too had lat month problems with one buyer from Austria.

    But I think if we suspect every low-feedback or foreign country buyer to be a NPB or scammer or whatever there still is possible, than why are whe selling at all?
  15. Yes, that makes sense. I was able to look up her past bidding and buying history for the past 30 days and she did win a dress. I emailed the seller and he said he had to open a dispute with this buyer, but she did finally pay once he opened a dispute. I'm just being very cautious, since these are expensive boots and I want to protect myself as a seller.