Zero feedback bidder.

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  1. How do I find out if a bidder has a confirmed address with paypal? I have a bag listed and the bidder has zero feedback. They have just joined ebay.
    Should I send a message to them reminding them I only ship to confirmed addresses? It says that in my listing, but so many people bid and don't read it or know what that means.
  2. Yes I guess all you can do is ask them. If they are new they might not even know what that means...
  3. I don't think there is any way to tell until they actually pay you, other than asking them. I've had a few zero feedback buyers who had just joined Ebay and PayPal and luckily they confirmed their addresses right away when they joined, so there were no issues.
  4. It's nervous making for sure! Just send them a email and ask if they're confirmed. Good luck!
  5. Hi VO...I send a message to them, so we will see. I have never had a problem with a buyer on ebay. Most are like me and pay pretty quickly...I want my stuff!
    Thanks guys...
  6. What I do is I email them to ask how they plan to pay for the item if they win, usually they never reply back, so I just cancel their bids, and almost all the time they never write back to ask what happened, that is how I know they are just being stupid and bid on items just for fun with no plans of paying!!
  7. this is EXACTLY what i do. If they reply in a timely manner that they have set up thier pay pal account, then I let the bid stand. I usually jsut add in the email, "hi, welcome to ebay and thanks for picking my item as your first purchase, but I want to make sure you are familair with the process and requirements of my auction....etc, etc...if I get no repsonse I cancel their bid.... good luck!
  8. what? am i reading it right? the only way to know if a buyers' paypal address is confirmed is by asking them? what if they lie? sorry for my ignorance...geesh, i thought that since it's sort of an "insurance" for both the buyer and the seller if they have a confirmed address, paypal or ebay lets the seller know if the buyer has a confirmed address... it's just a risk for the seller then?

    ^trisha's advise sounds good though...and we're all 0 fb once, you may need to explain to them the process and hopefully this turns out well...goodluck!
  9. I just wanted to add that I have had a couple high chanel items sell to 0 fb bidders and all went well and I think i got even better feedback because i was willing to give them a chance. everyone deserves a good first time expereince. but if they didn't respond to my initial "welcome" email, then I didn't hesitate to cancel their bid. i have had to cancel bids a couple times and my item still sold and the person who never repsonded obviously was just a :wacko: nutjob timewaster....go with your instict, it has never failed me!