Zero feedback bidder?

  1. I have a bag listed on eBay and I received an email from a potential buyer asking if I would sell to her since she has 0 feedback. She also lives in the UK. I emailed her back and told her I would consider selling to her and how would she be paying and she never replied. The item didn't sell so I relisted it and she emailed me again with the same question. Should I sell to her? Is it too risky? Is there a way I can minimize my risk? Or should I let it go?
  2. It shouldn't be too risky as long as she pays with a confirmed paypal address. Then you will need to ship it with delivery confirmation, and signature confirmation if it sells for $250. If she doesn't have a confirmed address I would only accept a money order, bidpay, and someone else was suggesting google check out but I haven't used it yet.
  3. I was under the impression that you can't confirm a UK address. Also, I recently shipped to Germany and the lady at the PO told me that a signature confirmation to other countries can often be meaningless because the people in the other countries' po's don't record the receipt of the package. I never got my signature confirm card back from the Germany package. It was only for $150 so I didn't sweat it too much but it would be a lot more for the bag.
  4. She should be able to confirm her address in the UK. I think it is US, UK and Canada that have confirmed addresses.
  5. The UK, US and Canada can get confirmed address. The P.O. lady told me that they "don't have to sign" in Canada as well......but it is what paypal requires to qualify for seller protection so I do it.
  6. if you haven't already, get her email address and conduct the sale through email rather than through eBay. you don't want to get caught by eBay completing transactions off their site. when you invoice her, make sure you describe the item and the details of the sale thoroughly. other than that, just send to her confirmed address and you should be set.
  7. Hi Allisonfaye, it's me, the phantom eBayer:smile: I never got your reply and was wondering whether you had seen my e-mail. I even sent a follow-up e-mail after your first auction had finished. And, yes, I sent another e-mail for your current auction. I'm not sure what's wrong as I have been receiving e-mails from other eBayers who have replied to my queries.

    Anyway, in answer to your questions, I live in the UK and have a confirmed PayPal address. I have actually transacated with another tPFer just recently and everything went fine.

    Alternatively, as FALLAX COR suggested, I am happy to transact outside eBay if that suits. Please let me know.
  8. What is it with ebay and emails? I am having the same problem. There are times potential buyers state they have emailed me (through ebay my messages) and I never received their question. It almost cost me a potential sale which would have been a shame since it was the most successful transaction ever.

    Looks like all may end well for the OP!
  9. Hi Allisonfaye, I'm wondering whether you are getting my e-mails (sent 23 Oct, 26 Oct and again today)? Sorry, I don't know how else to get in touch...
  10. I would just make sure all transactions are done through Ebay AND PayPal for both buyer and sellers safety... just my opinion.
  11. I want to apologize for not getting back to you. (I have sent you some email but it doesn't sound like you are getting them.)

    I am going to try to reply again now to your email. Let me know here if you don't get it and I will respond here.
  12. I haven't received any e-mails from you since you posted this note. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with corresponding in a public forum, though, so I've sent you an invite to facebook. Hope that gets through and we can communicate that way.