zero distressing on an '07 Day?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I just got my Tabac RH Day from Aloha Rag. I asked them specifically for a smoother, thick leather, and I got a really smooth bag... I mean really, really smooth. No distressing at all, totally unlike my Step and City. I don't have my camera with me right now, but there's really nothing. So, I'm just wondering... has anyone also gotten an '07 Day that's not distressed at all? I know Aloha Rag is a trustworthy retailer of Balenciaga bags, but I was just surprised to see such smooth leather...

    Thanks for any input...
  2. I actually just sold my Mogano Brown 2007 Day (was sitting in my closet not getting any use)... but it was a nice, smooth, minimally distressed leather. The leather hardly had any cracks/wrinkles... after reading some posts on TPF, I was curious, too b/c I had purchased the bag from Bluefly and I know they are trustworthy. Perhaps 2007 offered smoother leather. Personally, I love it... it looks much richer, if less "balenciaga"-like.
  3. My SS07 AnthraDay is quite smooth and silky for a bbag - love her as much as I do her wrinkly sisters though!
  4. well, i did request a "smoother" bag... i do like the smoothness, i was just unsure because it seemed so un-balenciaga-like..
  5. Yes. My Sienna Day is VERY smooth, and I LOVE it like that.
  6. ^i remember you have the smoothest sienna! i've also seen v smooth and minimally distressed twiggies in either the clubhouse or reference sub-forum. matter of luck, too, i suppose.
  7. here's my silky AnthraDay:graucho:
  8. I have a super smooth Cinnamon '07 City from aloharag. I too requested a smooth leather bag, but had never seen leather like on the one that I received. Now it is one of my favorites! It has broken in really nicely and the evenness of the color is fun for a change!
  9. whew, ok! i don't mean to doubt aloharag at all, i just was super surprised. i bought my Step from BalNY and it wasn't SUPER distressed, but definitely not super mooth like this.

    thanks, guys!
  10. I am so intrigued, I want to see pics of all the bags mentioned! :nuts:
  11. sounds gorgeous. I wish all my bags could have zero distressing.
  12. ...and here's a deeply distressed 07 mogano day! I loooooove it! The front is not as wrinkly as the back, pretty smooth in the middle area.
  13. ...this is the front - much smoother than the back - I love both!
  14. Those are the best pictures of a day I have ever seen! (Not on the shoulder, that is.) Great pictures. Now I want a day too.

    Seeing that mogano day makes me really look forward to receiving my PT, which hopefully will ship soon. Actually, now I wonder if I should have gone for the day! Love the colour.

    I do like thick leathers you guys are posting. Love Sienna. Beautiful. My plomb city is not very distressed either but I just received a 07 paprika city and her leather is much more distressed than the plomb.
  15. ally- your day is yummier than chocolate!!!