Zeno:The Zit Zapper! Miracle device??

  1. Hi I was wondering if nayone has tried the ZENO and if it actually works. Sometimes I find that beauty products work for the first few months and your skin just gets used to it and doesnt seem to work anymore.

    I tend to get zits right before my period. I need something that really works. HELP!!! :wtf:
  2. Do you mean the zeno device or is there a skincare line? I have the little handheld device and really like it. I don't get many zits but it works most of the ones I do get. It's not supposed to work on the really deep hormonal acne but it does if it's applied more than the instructions recommend. You could order one that has a guarantee so you can a try it first. There are a few types of breakouts where it doesn't work, so it's kind of zit-specific. LOL
  3. I saw a brochure on that zeno, and was actually thinking of picking one up. Does it really clear it? If so, how fast? And does it leave scar?
  4. You have to use it the minute you feel one cropping up. It reaches the right temp that kills the bacteria that creates a zit so it's very effective that way, so it usually stops it before there's even a chance of scarring. One thing though, if you're under any rx or strong exfoliation treatment like tazorac, retin A or a high retinol cream (if you have sensitive skin), the heat can cause a slight burn on the areas that tend to peel easier. It doesn't hurt at all and you won't know what the aftermath is until there's a scab. It's like when your skin is more susceptible to a sunburn while on strong rx treatment, it can cause that effect. I can use it with absolutely no problems now but when I was on tazorac I couldn't use it on the drier areas.
  5. I've read a lot of reviews on this product..mostly positive and it comes with a guarantee. I'm just a little pessimistic about it. I used to have flawless skin and now my skin looks absolutely horrible. I'm only 20 but I thought I was over breakouts like mine. Guess not. I've tried Proactive, Clinique 3-step, every drug-store brands and prescriptions but nothing seems to work. I''ve done masks, pore strips, and exfoliation. While things work for a couple of months, my skin seems to become immune after a while. I'm so tired of having ugly skin while everyone else has beautiful skin and doesn't need to cover up zits every 3 seconds. I'm even having to cancel a photo shoot this week becasue my skin is so bad and I don't want to waste the photograpthers time...It sucks...Can someone please help me. I'm at my wits end!!! :confused1: :crybaby:
  6. i saw something about this on the news last night and am curious too. the doctor made it sound like it was for an occasional breakout, and i need a little more than that lol.
  7. i've never heard of it but im also looking for something new to try. can someone tell me about it?
  8. I bought one and I love it!. Good for big, pus-filled white heads-gone in 2 days! I've had acne my whole life, seems to get worse the older I get! This is the only thing that works to clear them up fast.
  9. I have one and it's great to be honest :smile: doesn't take long to kill off a bump ^^
  10. Sounds like a great idea.:yes:

    The only thing that worked for me was going on a spot control contraceptive pill...i got adult acne at 26 years of age.:crybaby:
    I still get the odd flare up, though.

    Here's some more info on the zeno device.

    DERMAdoctor: ZENO MD Acne Clearing Device

    Question - does it hurt...? Or feel uncomfortable?
  11. No not at all :smile: I was a bit worried at 1st too.
    all you feel is a liiiiittle bit of heat..nothing that is painful..
    it's less heat than the hot towels they give u on the airplanes.
  12. Looks interesting. I saw one in a magazine. At 31 my skin broke out worse than ever. I think I have it regulated now with an antibiotic and Retin. Let us know if you try it. It seems like a good weapon to have in you back pocket for when a nasty little zit decides to come along.
  13. I definitely want to try it! I would love to hear about your reviews and experiences! Does it clear it up , do they come back in the same spots?
  14. I'm thinking about this too! (I have a lovely zit that appeared overnight & I'm ready to run to Walgreens, lol).
  15. sounds interesting. I suffer from spots on my chin and lately they seem to be always there. Its so annoying.