Zelda & Kristy, any input? pics?

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  1. Ok, I went just a little bit insane yesterday. I really really wanted a nice pair of black and a nice pair of brown boots. I was looking at the Zelda and Madeleine boots and having a heck of a time. I decided that a pull on boot would be difficult for me due to slight motor function issues due to a recent stroke. SO; I decided on Zelda since they were on sale and all. I saw the Eucalyptus and was quite intrigued. YES, I bought all three pairs! :sweatdrop::faint: Can some of you give me input on how the Euc looks? Is it a proper grey or is it more chalky? Is it a light green/grey? I have euc trees all around me here in Oz and the don't look that colour. Also, I didn't know what size to get. I decided on an 8.5 since I usually get 39's in euro sizes and they are just a tad too big. Are the heels nice and sturdy. I am not great at wearing high heels.

    Ok, as for Kristy, I saw that the lining could be removed and that sold me. I live in a warm climate, but winter evening can be coldish. I also visit overseas when it is cold so thought this could be good for all climates. Any input?

    I would love to see some of your modelling pics to give me an idea of whether or not I have just made a very expensive mistake or the buy of a lifetime. :shrugs:

    Thanks Hotties for all your input :heart:
  2. Hmmmm...the eucalyptus IRL looks like a light grey with a bit of a greenish cast to me. It is a beautiful color.


  3. Ack!!! I love the pics of them all! I really feel I should have gotten at least one pair of the riding boots, but am just not sure I could get them on and off.
  4. They didn't have my size in the Zelda at the sample sale. I need a roomy toe box, sturdy heel, and accomodation for large calves. I'm a 6 or 6.5; I tried on the 7 and was very happy with the way it felt. I think that my normal boot choice (a 6.5 to allow for heavy socks) would have worked really well.
  5. Thank you sooo much! I am so excited now about the Kristy. The boots lok awesome too. Oh I jst can't wait to see, feel and try them :yahoo:
  6. I'd love to hear your feedback on sizing when you get the boots because I too am usually a Euro size 39 and have been checking out the HH boots for a while... hope they work out for you, they look gorgeous in pictures and everyone else seems to LOVE them so far!