Zefanya - new brand

  1. Has anyone seen or bought this brand yet? I found them online and then saw a couple for sale at Testimo boutique... I love the looks, but the line has a quirk that I can't decide if I hate or can tolerate..on the bottom of each bag is a zip compartment for pens! On the outside of the bag! See picture below..what do you all think of this - seems to me it would make the bag wobbly when you sat it down..and the little leather tags hanging down look kind of strange....anyone with any experience buying this brand? The leather looks scrupmtious and the pricing is under $500....what do you all think?
    Zefanya Mumbai bag.jpg
  2. It is an interesting looking bag...not bad but still not great to me...It also looks a bit confused to me as far as design goes but it is different at the same time...

    But for the money...I would get an LV..;)
  3. I totally agree with Bagluv. IMO it has a bit too much going on and for that price you could get something that will retain its value over time.Unless you
    adore it in which case its worth it
  4. pretty interesting.. it's something i may buy...
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  6. I bought the Zefanya Mumbai from Testimo, and I just love it! I got it in black and as far as I'm concerned, it has 3 things going for it:
    - it's dressy enough so I can wear it with suits to formal work meetings
    - it's light so it doesn't add to the weight of all the stuff I'm carrying; I'm tired of bags that give me pains in my neck and shoulders
    - I can scrunch it up so I can pack it in a suitcase or push it under my seat in airplanes; I've had a lot of problems with inflexible or structured bags when travelling.

    I love it so much I got the Cairo in both brown and grey!! I'm looking forward to more colors. If you collect a lot of bags like I do, you begin to develop real preferences based on how you use the bags. Plus, I didn't want an really plain bag. I adore the tassels!!
  7. Hi Passerby:

    I saw that sale, but I just can't get past the funny little pouch on the bottom of the bag..i think it would look funny..so I didn't buy..thanks..
  8. I see. Have you bought a Kale bag before?
  9. I'd actually be very interested in that extra little compartment, since I now have a separate cosmetic case in which I carry pens and pencils (which I need for work). I like this bag.
  10. i'm interested in these bags - they are definitely unique (which is what i like to see). i think the style has to kind of 'grow' on you...the owner of Testimo has one and she said it took her some time to get used to it, but now she loves hers...