Zeeee Plane, Zeee Plane, I see shoes

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  1. if you search for "pump" "wedge" or "flat" you'll see tons more!
  2. none of the heels are high enough for me, alas.
  3. I think they are a bit delusional with these price points. Now with the boots I can see it because the prices are comparable to Frye and boots are an investment piece.
  4. .... Just put the bags up already!! The suspense is killing me!!

    Wait. I have to add: Iskia link wedges... :drool:
  5. I agree, kinbrooklyn. The prices are overblown and the design is underwhelming. There are so many more awesome pairs of shoes that are less expensive.
  6. While the shoes are waaaaaay out of my budget, I also don't think they're unreasonable prices. I'm sure they're fantastic quality for one thing... but more importantly, think about how shopping has changed in the last year, even just the last few months. Sales of 25% used to be a HUGE deal a lot of the time but with the weak economy customers have come to expect discounts going up to 50, 60, 70%. A lot of people won't make a purchase unless prices drop that much. From a business standpoint, you almost have to set a higher starting price to compensate for how much you're eventually going to be forced to drop the prices in sales.
  7. Cody, I see and understand your point, but it still stands true that the shoes themselves do not seem as spectacular as one would expect from such a great design team. That is just my opinion though. There are a couple things I like, but nothing so far that I love.
  8. Oh, that part I agree with... most of the shoes are definitely not to my taste either. Which is sad because I think all of us adore the boots!
  9. I don't find the prices overblown at all. They are somewhere between Steve Madden and Chie Mihara, kind of like Corso Como. Seems like a reasonable price point to me, assuming similar Italian craftsmanship as the boots.
  10. Laurel flats in eucalyptus bought. I LOVE THEM!
  11. I really ADORE those Mercury tie wedges.......in Eucalyptus!

    WHOLE sizes only....so I wonder about the fit????

    We will def. need someone to do recon on the shoes!
  12. I ahve to agree with Jandelvis. While these are prices that make me stop and think they are fairly comperable with brands such as Charles David. If they are as well crafted as the boots then they will be quite the deal.

    I am anxiously awaiting more items to pop up.

  13. I LOVE the iskia wedge in the colorblock!
  14. Somehow the thought of shopping for sandals and wedges and strappy shoes just can't be processed in my brain this morning... though the Athena sandals are starting to look pretty cute. By the time I got to class the cold weather and wind and moisture had frozen my eyelashes together and I'd lost feeling almost up to my knees. How do you think the shoes would look with two pairs of wool socks on? :P