Zebra totes

  1. During my little 4th of July spree, I was torn between the khaki hamptons hobo and the zebra lunch tote and dh chose the khaki hamptons hobo. He said I had more clothes that matched it and I didn't have a thing that matched the zebra tote. However it seems a lot of people got them and I am thinking about it still.

    Between the 2 sizes, which do you prefer, the lunch tote (smaller) or the gallery tote (larger)? Which color do you have -- pink or green? Is it easy to match colorwise? Any pics of outfits that go with the bag? All I can think of is casual white or black or khaki and either green or pink to match the stripes.
  2. I would go for the larger in green, I really want one myself but dont have the funds :sad: I actually think it would match well with most anything.

    Member CarlyB has the large in green, hopefully she'll pop by soon and help you out.
  3. I have the gallery tote in the pink with a green ponytail scarf tied on. I bought it for the fun of it being bright and cheery for summer. I didn't buy it to match my outfits. The price was right, the color was right, and the size was right. I use it A LOT because I can throw my swim suit in it and my bottle of sunblock and be set for the summer day. I don't think I've ever carried a bag to match an outfit unless I was going out out. It's a fun bag with a shorter "wear span", meaning summer, so I'd just use it and have fun - who cares if it matches?! LOL. Oh... but I seem to wear a lot of green shirts with black or dark demin bottoms so it does kind of go... but there's no way I could match the pink... I only own one pink shirt.
  4. I thought they were really cute too but I had the same doubts. I would have gotten the lunch tote since I don't carry too much & wouldn't want alot of empty space in my bag to make it sag & in pink b/c that's my favorite color. Maybe when I go to the outlet in Williamsburg in 2 weeks I'll pick one up if they aren't sold out by then.
  5. I have the largest size in pink and I bought a pony scarf in pink for my hair. I tried it as a ribbon on the bag and it wasn't working for me so on my hair it goes and it's cute!
  6. I really like those bags too!
  7. I am Carlyb's mom and I bought her the Large Green Zebra tote. I love it....after seeing her with it, I wish I picked one up too! LOL
    I might hit the outlet later this week and see if they have anymore.
  8. Thanks everyone. It really looks like such a fun casual bag. I am so tempted. However the kids need back to school supplies so no shopping for me until after I get their stuff.