Zebra, Stripe, Hibiscus OH MY! w/pics!

  1. Yesterday a box was waiting for me after my workout! Even though the store said later this week! I am not complaining though!!! SO here is everything!!! LOTS OF PICS!
    100_2063.JPG 100_2064.JPG 100_2065.JPG 100_2066.JPG
  2. Hmmm, do you spy some green??
  3. here we go again :lol::supacool:
  4. someone send you a lizard???:wtf: SEND IT BACK!!!! lol

    more pics more pics!!!
  5. Okay here is what I got!!!!

    The Hamptons Large Signature Zebra Tote
    Hamptons Signature Zebra Swingpack
    Hamptons zebra signature slim envelope wallet
    Hibiscus lipgloss (modeling pics to come)
    AND (they sent me the wrong color) Signature stripe cosmetic case (last year) New one is on its way!!!
    100_2068.JPG 100_2069.JPG 100_2071.JPG 100_2067.JPG
  6. Sorry, my 3 year old doesnt understand the 30 second rule!!! ANd had to have Mickey Mouse clubhouse in the middle of me posting!
  7. Here is the Hibiscus lipgloss, Even though it looks really bright its not at all! I love it.
  8. omg i love the blue make up case- LOVE IT!
  9. Sorry no modeling pics (I am a mess today, cleaning etc) The Zebra tote is HUGE!!!! So its probably going back for a medium Madeline. And I am definately getting something patchwork this year!!!
  10. Really thats the one getting returned because they ordered the wrong color. I wanted the pale blue. to match my chambrey carly.
  11. Oh I got the Heather Lip gloss on Sat and I LOVE it! The Hybiscus is pretty too:wlae:
  12. congrats! would love to see modeling pics, messy or not! :graucho:

  13. Okay I am getting dressed to go to my daughters school. I will take pics and then post them later!
  14. Congrat's wonderful purchases..
    Love the blue of the cosmetic case.
  15. the green and zebra compliment each other so well!!! Great buys!!!

    they told me this blue color was deleted!!!!!!! ???? :confused1::confused1: