Zebra skin Birkin!

  1. Elsewhere on the forum I mentioned zebra on the farm and some kind gals pointed out that Hermes might make me one if I were a known customer. Here's the thing: I have two beautiful zebra skins from a pair that were, tragically, struck by lightning a year or two ago. I have considered having our saddler make me an overnight bag like this....

    The shape is similar to an Alison van der Lande weekend bag I have and love.
    However I would hate to have to explain myself everywhere I went (no, I didn't shoot it, etc). I'd end up having to carry a placard to fend off those who, like me, disapprove of shooting wild animals for sport or for their hides.
    But in truth, wouldn't a birkin look fantastic in zebra?!
  2. hmmm lol i never imagined a birkin/kelly in a zebra skin!
  3. I seem to remember seeing a zerbra skin Birkin somewhere... oh yes, in the Nina's closet thread, here's the picture:
    nina's closet.jpg

    See the Birkin on the very right side. Now, I don't know if this is a Zebra print or real zebra skin. But I think it looks pretty cool.
  4. Wow Whispa777, that was well spotted. I have to say, though, that I have serious reservations about wearing zebra skin, even if the critters died accidentally! Also, I think the hide would have to be very carefully placed because of the stripes coming off the spine etc, the fading of the stripes on the rump etc. I'm wondering if I should have these two hides made up into somethign - not Hermes, sadly I am not a VIP client and never will be.
  5. hmmmm, birkin in zebra skin? def not my cup of tea..
  6. For my pennys worth i have to say i think a zebra would look a bit scary on a hermes bag...
  7. Here is Elle MacPherson with her zebra Birkin:love::
    Elle MacPherson Birkin.jpg
  8. Which ones the zebra?:smile:
  9. Wow...Elle doesn't even look like Elle there.
  10. I have to admit that Elle's bag (you're right Kellybag but she still looks pretty cool) looks good to me. However, chatting to the hub last night about the two skins still awaiting their fate, he said: "you know that when the chips are down you won't be able to look at it."
    He is right. When the zebras were struck by lightning I was very upset and I put the cured hides in the store-room. I think they'll stay there.
  11. I am so not answering this one...:ninja: the TFS girls know why.
  12. PS Looking at Elle's zebra birkin, I'm thinking that it isn't real zebra, the stripes don't look right to me. We have Burchell zebra's here, and they have very neat stripes that are quite uniform and only move off the parallel in certain small areas e.g. the face. Elle's ones look a bit too random. Any ideas?
  13. Uh, no.:shrugs: I believe, you're the one and only zebra expert on here.
    And probably the only elephant and lion expert, too.

    OT, but I just want to ask? Do you see hyenas every once in a while?
  14. Hermiesgroupie, for some reason (that I've never thought about before!) we don't get hyena here in Kwazulu-Natal as far as I know. Oh I wish I were an expert on elephants and lion: I only know that they are lovely at a distance. However, where we are they are in reserves and not found wandering free in the veldt. We DO have leopard on the farm though but they are seldom seen, usually we only see their spoor. Some of our zebra mares are about to foal down now.... exciting.
  15. I think that is a kelly. I can't see the shape well enough though. Either way I'm not crazy about the skin. Its a little too "busy."