Zebra Legacy Slim Flap

  1. I saw this bag awhile back on eBay and have not been able to find it since.
    It's a Zebra print with a pink lining and the rock star in me is dying to have this bag.
    Does anyone have this bag or know what the model # is?
    If anyone has it, can you post pics please?
  2. I know Dooney had a Zebra bag not too long ago, but I can't remember seeing a Coach one out there recently. Hopefully someone will be able to give you a style # or other info :smile:
  3. I'm almost positive it was a Coach.
    I did see the Dooney, but it's the Coach that I want...wait.....:shame:
    I'm suppose to be on a ban. :whistle:
  4. Is it the white one with pink zebra stripes? There was also a Legacy Zebra bag (Ali I believe) last season. If you search Coach Zebra you should find something.
  5. Sure glad I could help!
    That is one gorgeous bag - I can see why you are searching for it. Good luck!
  6. I've seen the zebra print Ali pop on on eBay, about one every couple of weeks.
    Good luck!
  7. Thanks guys.
    Doi! I was keying in Legacy not Ali when searching for this baby. No wonder I kept getting those green and pink Coach zebra bags. I'm not sure how I feel about those BTW.
    Hopefully I'll have better luck now.:p
  8. It is this 10366 and I love it! there were two selling on eBay about 2-3 weeks ago, one sold, don't know stat of the other hard to find so GOOD LUCK! I would streamline search to Coach Zebra not legacy zebra. Coach calls it a zebra travel tote? go figure.
  9. OMGosh!!!
    That set is unbelievable!!:heart::drool:
    Are all the items lined in pink as well?
  10. I've seen those on ebay and think they're beautiful. I've yet to see the wallet for auction, though.

    In defense of those of us with the other zebra bag, it's a lot less loud in person. So, one person's fugly can be another person's beautiful, mkay? :smile: