Zebra large Dooney

  1. I just got a Bloomies catalog & saw the new lg. zebra handbag- $395.00. I love it! Has anyone seen it or own it?;)
  2. I've seen it and it's kind of plasticy. It looks great in the photos but cheap in person, especially when you touch it. I think it would have been better if it had bee calf hair or something.
  3. Thanks for the info! It looks great in the catalog, but I'll pass.
  4. ITA! It was so cute on the web, I considered grabbing it...that was until I got a look up close :wtf:

    It actually looks like a pleather - not nice. They could have done a way better job. Not even the wallet was nice.
  5. :yes::yes::yes:
  6. I know, isn't it soo adorable.