Zcp vs cosmetic pouch vs mini pochette!

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  1. Again I turn to you for advice. For those of you who own all of them, which do you turn for the most? My slg collection so far is pochette nm, cles, agenda pm and French purse wallet! I'm also looking at the Marie wallet, but the zcp seems more loved:smile:
  2. Well as you already have a pochette and wallet I would go for the cosmetic case. I own and love all of them! My mini is wonderful as a grab and go clutch, my zcp is great for both smaller and larger bags although it does take a lot of room in my pochettes and Eva clutch. I use my vernis cosmetic pouch every day so it definitely gets its money's worth! I also have the gm in mono but it's a bit large for me

    I actually think all 3 are wonderful purchases and can recommend all of them! But I'd go for something that you don't have yet :smile:
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    ZCP by far since it is my daily wallet :smile: then cles and mini pochette. So far I hardly get to use my cosmetic pouch.

    In your case, if the French purse wallet is your daily wallet then I'd suggest a mini pochette as you already have a cles that you can put inside it for organising cards/cash/coins during the time when you want to carry light; and the mini pochette can be a great organiser piece inside your bag too.

    Then again, ZCP is really a great little compact wallet! Perhaps you can also add it in your collection in the near future :smile:

    Ps: I think eventually you will buy all three! They are all very pretty and practical.
  4. Cosmetic Pouch...I use mine everyday and love it! I had the ZCP but it just didn't work for me. I love the mini too...you can't make a bad choice!

  5. Thanks for your reply:smile: Glad to hear you enjoy all of them! The cosmetic pouch seems like a great item. I'm a stay at home mom, so I won't use it on the go all the time, but it will be a nice pick me up in the mornings:smile: I am getting all three, but I have to spread it out a bit.
  6. I would go for the zippy coin pouch. It's different from all your others.

  7. I will for sure end up with them all, but figuring out which to get first is hard! I have owned my French purse for to years and want to add something less bulky for every day, so I'm glad to hear the zcp is working out for you:smile: the mini pochette seems like such a practical item. Thanks for your input:smile:

  8. Thanks for your reply! So glad to hear that the cosmetic pouch really is a useful item:smile:

  9. Thank you for chipping in! I love the look of the zcp, especially after you tubing it:smile:
  10. ZCP!! I got mine about 4 months ago and use her everyday. She is great!! I highly recommend. Plus its small enough to fit into your Pochette nm. I have a few pochettes i use my zcp in all the time.
  11. I own the cosmetic pouch (Empreinte- which is gorgeous) and I can use it in every one of my bags except Eva! I love her! BUT, the one item that I use in every bag and all the time is the mini pochette. We went to the vet yesterday and I used my mono Trunks and Bags crossbody! She is unbelievably handy, also a gorgeous little clutch for evening outings!

    I vote this one first, then cosmetic pouch second! Have fun shopping!
  12. To all who replied, a big thank you! And such good news that the zcp can fit inside the pochette:smile: after reading your answers I have decided to wait a couple of weeks and get all of them at the same time! I just could not make my mind up:smile:
  13. Hard decision!!! I would either do the cosmetic pouch or the zcp... I really love the interior of the Cosmetic pouch though!
  14. Even better!!! Good Luck!
  15. congrats on all 3 what print did u go with