ZCP - Pomme vs. Rouge vs. Amarante

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  1. Which ZCP would you recommend and why? I'm deciding between the Pomme, Rouge or Amarante colours? I'm so indecisive and can't choose.

    I am also planning on buying an Damier Ebene Eva so which colour may go with the Eva?

    Also, can a ZCP, iPhone, camera, LV 6 key holder, gum and meds fit comfortably into the Eva?

    Thanks in advance for your help! :smile:
  2. I wouldn't be able to go past the Pomme, it's such a pretty colour! Having seen other TPF'ers photo's it goes amazingly well with Damier Ebene.

    Have no idea what would fit, think it might be a tight squeeze.
  3. Definitely Pomme or Rouge, Amarante to me is too dark for such a small wallet. I'd go with Pomme as it is just such an incredible colour, and it does go beautifully with Ebene.

    I don't have an Eva but do a search of the forum for how much an eva can hold, there's been a few threads with pictures to show how much it can fit ;)
  4. Pomme or Rouge.

    Not sure about the fit but I think it could all fit if you have a fairly slim camera. Might be a tight fit though.
  5. Hmmm, tough decision! I love pomme and rouge fauviste. If you don't have any slg in pomme then go for that. I only have a pomme cles and love it, but since I do have a piece in pomme, when I get a ZCP I'm going for rouge fauviste, it is beautiful in real life!
  6. The pomme. It looks fabulous with ebene.
  7. Pomme pomme pomme :love:
  8. Pomme :love:
  9. pomme
  10. Another vote for pomme:smile:
  11. Pomme -- looks great w/damier ebene!!
  12. Pomme :heart:
  13. Pomme
  14. I love my Pomme & Amarante ZCP. I do find the Amarante ZCP to be very dark but I love the dark wine colour when sunlight hits it--the deep red just bursts out.

    For me, I think the deeper the pillowy monogram impression, the better. The play of light on the impressed surface, no matter which colour you choose, makes all the difference in the world. That's what I adore my Vernis ZCPs for.
  15. Pomme!