ZCP Lovers?

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  1. So,I bought a cles over the summer and have been loving it so much that its made my regular wallet (Gucci version of zippy?) obsolete. However I still need a wallet, just not something so big and heavy! I looked at the small origami, which I really liked, and also the ZCP. Any thoughts on the ZCP? I think it will hold my extra stuff and its still compact.
  2. ZCP is great, a little tiny but obliges you to take the strict necessary only. Very elegant too! :smile:
  3. I love ZCP !!! Should have plenty of room for you.
  4. Love live love ZCP but not enough room for cash, maybe only 2 or 3 bills tops. There is always the compact zippy too!
  5. I have the ZCP and a small agenda and I LVoe them both! I'm not a fan of big wallets either. You'll love the ZCP. :tup:
  6. I have the ZCP in mono and also a small agenda. I use the ZCP for coins and the agenda for cards/notes.
  7. I have a ZCP and I love it! I carry one or the other of my Evas often and it fits well in them without taking up all the available room. I find that it can fit everything that I need and I don't end up packing around a bunch of credit cards, papers, etc that I don't need that would otherwise clutter up my wallet. When I carry one of my larger bags, the ZCP easily fits in any of the inside pockets as well, making me feel like it's more secure and easier to find.
  8. I have the Mono ZCP.. It's my daily wallet :smile: I love it
  9. Thank you! I loved the compact Zippy but felt like it was still a *big* wallet, which I'm trying to get away from since the cles holds my license, ins cards and 3 main credit cards.
  10. You mentioned cles and ZCP. That's exactly the combination I often use --- a ZCP and a cles. Main cards, cash, and a couple spare checks go in ZCP. Less used cards, small list of phone numbers, insurance cards, and car registration/insurance, tag along in the "partner" cles.

    So if you're still enamored with your cles, as you said you are, I definitely vote 'yes' for using a ZCP alongside it. :tup:
  11. Awesome! Thanks for your feedback! Yes, was looking at my full-size wallet and I really don't need that much space since I use the cles! The ZCP seems like a good choice, or the small origami (but I wonder if coins fall out when u open it??).
  12. I agree 100% it's still a big wallet. I'm on the quest to find the right one myself the only thing with ZCP is the cash, I often carry quite a bit, but if you don't than its super perfect.
  13. I was using the zcp and cles combo. Put coins in the cles and cards in the zcp. It worked perfectly until I saw the Blue Kusama Zippy and loved it. I still use the cles for coins though. I still love my zcp too. :smile:
  14. My only wallet (for over two years now) is a ZCP and I love it. It's ideal for me because I only carry 5 or 6 cards, a small amount of cash, coins and subway tokens - anything larger looks empty.

    I agree with those who say it partners well with a cles (I don't have one but I do have a similar style LAMB key pouch that I use for overflow when I get too many coins).

  15. I have a mono ZCP an I love it! I use as an everday wallet, its perfect for my needs.
    I just love to pull out from my bag, love it so much!
    And still has a gorgeous smell if I open.

    Holds a lot:
    fénykép (1)-001.JPG