Zcp heatstamp?

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  1. hello! does anyone know if a zcp can be heatstamped? does anyone have pics? i will appreciate any feedback from you guys :smile:

  2. As far as I know, no :sad:
  3. +1
  4. I think they have to be able to lie the item flat, so no, unfortunately.
  5. my old SA was an artist
    he could stamp almost everything
    before he left he told me to bring all my "special" items
  6. I think regardless of the SA, they can't stamp something that doesn't fit into the machine? I've been told my countless SA's that they can't stamps my zcp's because they can't open them out flat in order to get them into the machine :sad: wish they could, it'd look so cute inside.
  7. thanks for all your response :smile:

    soadyjones01, i was thinking the same thing that it would be cute inside and quite a treat when you open the zcp :loveeyes: