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  1. after looking at melly's collection of zc's... i decided that i really NEED one. can anyone tell me the difference between the mercer sc and the regular zc. they kind of look the same in the bloomingdale stock photos. thanks!
  2. the mercer zc and classic zc are basicially the same except for the lining. classic is lined in suede while the mercer is lined in beige colored, satin-like logo lining.

  3. Ohhh good question! I never knew the difference - I have a mercer on the way! Thanks for putting that one to rest.
  4. thanks... i think i might have to go for the suede lining! =)
  5. ^ good choice. i would've done the same. i love the suede!
  6. Agree about the suede. Nothing better than having the classic that started it all!
  7. I have one in boring old black, but it is great!!
  8. ^ awww Anna!!! LOL I do too!!!! But it's still my favorite!!!! I have the suede....eek..just remembered I also have another black one w/ Gold hw I haven't used yet...I know...bad bad bad bad emmy !!!!
  9. I do not have any ZC's. I am so hard on wallets and I am wondering if it would hold up to my abuse. I hate the idea of spending $495. on a wallet!!!!! I have a L.A.M.B. wallet that is coated canvas with leather and it seems to be pretty strong.

    Are the MJ ZC's pretty durable? Please tell me they are horrible....I don't want to want one!
  10. thanks for the clarification, tadpole! i dont think i've seen any ZCs with the suede lining lately. I'll definitely have to examine this later when I hit up NM!
  11. Thanks for sharing. I hadn't known the difference between the two. I'm always learning something from my fellow tPFers.
  12. ...i dont think ive ever seen a seude lined zip clutch?
  13. ^Really? The black and bordeaux ones I have from Fall 07 and the grey one from Resort 07 are all lined with suede and not the MJ satin. I really like the suede-lined ones much better!!
  14. ^^My Emerald ZC is lined in a blue suede. So pretty.

    rorosity - I actually find the ZC very durable. I'm also hard on wallets (and bags for that matter) and my ZC takes it extremely well!:tup:
  15. Here's a recent pic of my Emerald ZC where you can see the suede lining: