ZC sale sightings in Topaz or Olive?

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  1. Okay - looks like the Resort 06 stuff is on sale everywhere, but I'm looking for the Olive or Topaz zip clutch.

    Has anyone seen it in any of the major stores lately? On-line would be great too!
  2. You should call Nordies and see if they have it listed for presale.
  3. I know my local Nordies didn't have olive or topaz ZCs in their system before pre-sale, but could other states have it?
  4. Abby-Do you remembet what colors they did have listed? Thanks
  5. According to a SA in Seattle all the MJ ZC/wallets on sale in the company system have already been pre-sold. :crybaby:
  6. that stinks!! those gals are QUICK!
  7. Boo Hoo -- I think Saks carried the topaz ZC. Does anyone have a SA they like at Saks that I can call?
    And/or a NM SA? Or BG SA?
  8. I saw an olive ZC at my saks (prudential center, Boston) when I went to presale my elise last week. I'm not sure if its still there though. If you call ask for Oscar, he's really nice. Here's the number: 617-937-5342. Hope you find one!
  9. Angel you're the best!

    No Olive ZCs in the Saks system anywhere, but I did snag a Topaz for $276.50!!!
  10. In case anyone wants the update: No Topaz in Boston, but can find in these Saks at sale price:
    So Coast Plaza, and Atlanta.
  11. YAY!!! So happy you found one! :yahoo:
  12. Damn I bought my Topaz ZC back in Feb for only 15% off the price. Oh well, knowing my luck if I waited for the sale I would have never gotten one lol. Congrats on getting yours.