ZC in Berry or Lilac?

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  1. So, I really want a new ZC for Christmas and I'm trying to decide whether I want a quilted one in Berry for $300 or the soft calf Lilac for full price of $395? I'm leaning towards the Lilac because it would match more of my bags better but...the Berry is on sale! Ugh, which do you like better?

  2. berry is yummy!
  3. What a tough choice! They're both gorgeous. I do like the quilting on the berry one. It is so pretty IRL. And that sale price is tempting. I also think the gold hardware looks better on it too. I guess I would go with the Berry. :heart::heart:
  4. it sounds like you're leaning towards the lilac. don't get the berry because it's on sale. you'll regret it later on and kick yourself for missing out on the zc you really wanted. personally, i prefer the berry. i'm a sucker for rich fall colors, but if the lilac will better match the bags you have now then i say go for it.
  5. Both look great, though I've never seen either IRL. I was tempted to say Lilac but that Berry just looks so great. I love the quilting on it and the rich color...though choice so you should pick which one you like better...don't think about the price :nogood: because in the end, if you get the one you love the most, it will be totally worth it! Good luck.
  6. i agree with everyone here, don't go for the Berry just because it's on sale. You need to stick to the pieces that you like best, and not buy because of sale goggles.
  7. ^^That's very true...don't go with the Berry if the only reason you're considering it is because it's on sale. If the lilac suits your tastes and needs better, spend the extra $95 on it. :tup:
  8. I completely agree. Go for the Lilac (and post pics when you get it!).
  9. agree with the above. go with what YOU want. (though i AM a sucker for jewel tones/darker colors myself :biggrin:)
  10. i love the quilted ones better, but if you think you'll have any regrets later on, always forgo the sales and get exactly what you want! the lilac is a gorgeous color too!
  11. the berry is so gorgeous, but like everyone else here, if it's not what you really want please don't get it, because you'll end up spending more money to get the lilac later, lol i've done this before.

    good luck!