1. Anyone have any info on this store going to Dallas this weekend and LA next and was thinking of stopping by. What's the scoop?
  2. Ironically I just checked out their website. It's Zara - Fall Winter 2006. They have store locations link. Check it out.
  3. I saw their website as well - I just wondered if the clothes are as decent as they look on the site.
  4. I think of Zara as a step up from H&M and Forever 21. Like the big chains, they offer inexpensive clothing in tune with current trends. They usually change items every few weeks and are great for basics (but I wouldn't recommend buying their knits... not good quality) or for trendy items you're planning to wear only once (or a few times).
  5. The Zara items I own are akin (in price and in quality) to my banana republic items... But the clothing is a bit more fashion-forward (closer to French Connection maybe) and quite a bit above the quality of h&m and forever 21.

    Same with the menswear so I hear from my partner.
  6. I say go for sure!!! The clothes are fun and somehwat inexpensive....but I suggest if you are going to Dallas, that you go shopping at Clothes Circuit on Preston Rd. and Sherry Ln. and Clotheshorse Anonymous at Preston and Forest Ln. My two most favourite consignment stores in the world!!!
  7. Zara is a lotta fun!! I can always almost get something everytime I walk into a store :shame:

    Like that there's a casual and younger section as well as a more "grown up" section, allowing for mixing and matching so shopping doesn't get too boring.

    And as annemerrick pointed out, the stuff are "somewhat inexpensive" :biggrin:
  8. Zara is great! The quality is not always there, but better than H&M and they have great runway inspired pieces at very affordable prices.
  9. I don't really care for Zara but go and have a fun time!
  10. Zara's not one of my top faves...but a good place to go for whatevers just trendy. I usually go to the one in South Coast Plaza in orange county...sometimes you can find some good deals and grabs. Definitely doesn't hurt to check it out.
  11. i like zara's its affordable and a lot better than H&M, plus they have cute accessories and shoes.
  12. I detest Zara. Where else can your average size 10-12 Uk girl (so 6 to 8 USA), go into a store and have to purchase a L or XL!!! :biggrin:

    The sizes are completely crazy. Why go somewhere to buy cheap clothes and then feel bad about yourself lol. The changing rooms are crap, no friends allowed in with you! and everything that looks good on the rail, always looks rubbish on.

    Not one of my fave stores ;)
  13. Zara has cute clothes.the only problem I have with them is the quality for the price. Sometimes the threads are already coming off the clothes when you buy a $70-$100 dress.
  14. Zara is ok. what I don't like about it is the quality though :/
    things don't last too well..but you get what you paid for, since it can last up to a few months..
    I say you should go check it out.. as I noticed people love it..
    and I check it out off and on but just be sure to check the sewing etc on things.
    I prefer MANGO over Zara tbh.check that out too if you don't know it yet :smile:
  15. With Zara, the price range is quite large (within the very affordable range).
    Every time I picked their cheap stuff = 20 $ trousers, 15 $ pull overs, The quality was absolutely crap. What would you expect for that price anyway ??
    BUT if you go more Zara exclusive, especially the Zara Woman collection , (80 $ trousers or small jacket); then we're talking style, details and quality.
    These prices are based on european prices.
    Anyways I love Zara, and cannot go there without buying 2 items !!
    Mango is good too, nice hanbags actually.