1. I quickly passed by Zara store and noticed that they had a couple of interesting tote bags.
    Can anyone tell me if Zara copies any of the well known designers or are they unique?

    Do you like any of Zara's handbags?
  2. i love zaras bags but they are a bit pricey.
    they arent designer copies and they are all good quality leather
  3. They are good quality and It doesn't copy
  4. I used to work for zara before I went back to school and all their designs, clothes/bags/shoes, are unique and come from the best quality. Some items are a little expensive, but its worth it. You can also wait until their huge sales at the season, where I remember marking anything that was on the floor half off.
  5. I find Zara's price range strange. The clothes are generally quite cheap, yet the shoes and bags are well overpriced. I've checked out the quality and it really isn't any better than Le Chateau around the corner.
  6. I looooooooover Zara, I am counting the days until they finally get around to opening one here in Chicago. I've always loved their bags, they are good quality for the price if you get a leather one. The shoes have never won me over though, although my daughter has had quite a few pairs from the childrens dept, the kids clothes are also amazing btw. And the home stuff if they have that dept in yours! Get me to a Zara!
  7. I love Zara!

    Plus it's not that pricey in Europe :smile:
  8. I saw some really nice Zara bags a bit back and the leather was so soft to the touch. I agree they are a bit pricey for being a bag from Zara. Guess it's best to check it out during a sale.
  9. I hope someone reminds us of the sale in the Deals & Steals forum in advance. I remember standing in line for 30 mins after rumaging thru scraps during their sale last year.... AND IT WAS WORTH IT! I love Zara!
  10. i love zara, although mostly i shop for clothes, i spent a fortune everytime they went on sale...
    but i don't buy their bags, i'd rather save up to buy higher end bags