Zara update their line so often. kno why and when?

  1. I love Zara because their clothes are so comfortable. I usually buy it because it soo soft and comfortable. Once, i saw this gorgeous vest. but the price was expensive so i though maybe it will go on sale and i will come back in 2 weeks. I came back and gone. I was so sad and everything change. before this clothes wasn't there and blah blah.

    I found out their update their line quickly but i want to kno when they do that and how long the updated clothes will stay. i might have to go to Zara every week (not that i mind) which i have to take 30 min of subway to get there.

    Hopefully, today i bought the most comfortable and gorgeous flat in Zara and in 41 (which they almost never have). i just grab it and i bought it. im happy with my purchase!

    i really want to kno when they have new stuff updated so i could be the first to buy a gorgeous flat in my size and buy one outfit i like before it's gone. (once, i saw a leopart flat at Zara *gorgeous* but they didn't have my size... i was so sad and this is the only Zara in my town)

    sorry i had to made my text long =P

    i would buy it if it's worth it. i like to keep my clothes for a long time. i had bad experience with clothes that itches and cost a lot and something gone wrong and i had to buy more more clothes....
  2. Zara, Mango and H&M all come under the same heading; the clothes are mass produced cheaply so to make money and to keep the turnover going, they have to produce a huge range of styles and I've noticed in these shops, once items are sold they aren't replaced. If I see something I like in these stores, I just buy it straight away because it most probably won't be there tomorrow! And as everyone knows they are always getting in new stock, the stores are always busy with people coming to in check out the goods. The cycle continues...
  3. Yes Princess Pink hit it on the nail. I read a report about two years ago about the success of the Zara brand and how turnover works within the ranks but it's pretty much... if you like it, buy now! :smile:
  4. its every 2 weeks.
  5. I know that in Europe, Zara stores get new stock in twice a week - every Tuesday and Friday to be precise. The sales figures are also directly linked to production, so when a particular item sells really well, they will manufacture and restock that item asap. These are generally basics and key/must-have pieces of the season.

    You can also usually tell the stock that has just hit the sales floor, because they still hang on the black plastic hangers that they're shipped with (to ensure they're on the rack asap), while stock that's older than a day is already hung on the wooden hangers. There was a great article in the Wall Street Journal a few years back that showcased Zara's distribution and logistics operations quite well. Suffice to say, if an item sells exceptionally well, they'll produce more. If it's a limited edition piece or something that's slow-moving, they'll most likely not bother. In any case, your best bet is to just buy what you like immediately. I rarely bother with sales in Zara, because I hate the messy piles and find that the non-sale prices are already pretty low.
  6. Next time you go, ask a salesperson what day they get their shipments. Then plan accordingly =)
  7. we did a case study about zara in business school. stock is very high turnover to create an idea of scarcity. so zara frequents know that if they see something they like, best to grab it now, because it won't be there a week later. zara rarely re-stock in items that sell-out, instead a new style will replace the item in a couple of weeks.
  8. omg! i have to buy it if i really love it (i think about it day & night). I went on saturday, i hope i'm not late (tomorrow is monday).

    another question: i notice that answers about when they stock new style are different (2 weeks, twice a week --not able to keep up =P--, every week)

    i find the business strategy brilliant (i never like store that have the same clothes store for a month)
    but they change so regularly that i have to really visit often.

    do you think it's ok if i ask the cashier when they have new shipments and exactly when in the week? i'm scared they won't understand what i'm trying to say. how do i say it in french =P?
  9. Do ask! I was told by the girls at my local Zara that they get the new stuff in every thursday.
  10. i should have ask sonner =P. The saleperson is very nice.
    Zara in Canada stock new clothes twice a week on monday and friday. I'm surprised that Zara in differents countries stock new clothes on different time.

    thank you everyone for your response! i learn something useful.
    i guess i have to check every week! XD
  11. ^Yup

    I also read somewhere else that if the item sells like hotcakes, sometimes intead of repeating it, they'll design an article similar to it, but not exactly the same to avoid someone else wearing the same thing.

    I freaken love this company.
  12. How can you know which item/clothes sells exceptionally well?
    i'm curious why is sells well. =P