Zara Semi-Annual Sale

  1. Zara SAs will never tell you when the sale starts. I think it is the company policy.

    The sale in Spain will start either July 1st or 2nd. The reason is that there is a legal period for sales that depends on the region. Zara policy is that all the stores in the country start the sales the same day.

    The price in Spain in € is the same that the one before taxes in the states in $. So yes, it is definitely cheaper there
  2. I agree! I asked SA for many times and they told me they didnt know when sales going to be @@
  3. Woohoo, the sale starts on my birthday.
    I can't wait to check it out
  4. excited fro this!!
  5. Yes Zara SA are not supposed to tell unless she's your sister! hahaha
  6. Does anyone know what the % off for Zara in the U.S.? Thanks
  7. I am assuming it's only in stores?? anyone?? bueller?
  8. OK so when is that>
  9. no, it's always the same day in-stores and online :smile:
  10. Someone earlier said that it will start near the end of June? Speculated around the 24th? someone else said 28th?
  11. 28th, I think. And the sale is online as well, I remember they had sale items on the website last year so I would assume the same.
  12. Confirmed right now by a warehouse employee sale starting on 28 June.
  13. How was the sale last year? I believe someone said US online shopping wasn't available then, correct?
  14. SALE IS TOMORROW, JUNE 28! :yahoo:
  15. great! Does it start at midnight online? I don't think I will be able to make it to my local Zara.. alot of things going on at work. Should I set my alarm for midnight tonight?