Zara Semi-Annual Sale

  1. alright price, nothgin special.
  2. Yay, I have my eye on a dress and a shirt!
  3. I got my heels I was eyeing since march for 50% off, no pics yet :yahoo:
  4. The sale started a day early??? What region are you gals in?
  5. Thanks. ;)

    Just read everyone's comment regarding price adjustment. Thanks for your input. No ajustment..? Then fine. It's by my office so if I see my dress I'll just buy it and return the one I have at home.. :smile:
  6. Sorry! I thought an SA told me 14 days.

    I'm getting old...:p
  7. Any great finds? :yes:
  8. Ehh, got a grey scarf. Nothing else.
  9. I got flats for 15 bucks. . thats about it
  10. got nothing for me.. but bf got pair of suit and a dress shirt..
  11. nothing really good...didn't get a thing for me or hubby
  12. A jacket and shirt for hubby, nothing for me. I did score at Oilily though! hehehe...
  13. Nothing for me... but I got bunch of clothes for my lil one...
  14. I looked but nothing really jumped out at me. Thanks for the post!
  15. My boyfriend got a heap of stuff from suits to jumpers, i got a brown leather jacket and i got my little brother shorts for like AUD$16 each, It was crazy in there people were everywhere the clothes were everywhere and the line was so long for the women change room. This was in Hong Kong. I will have to say i enjoyed the H&M sale much better for accessories that was fun! xox