Zara Semi-Annual Sale

  1. In case anyone was waiting for this (I know I was :p), Zara's sale starts on the 26th. That's Thursday!!!!

    My closet and wallet will scream but oh well...:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  2. ooooo YAY thanks for the info :heart:
  3. I'll be there! Thanks!
  4. Yay! I have my eye on 2 pairs of shoes and a dress, I hope they go on sale! T4P
  5. yay! so many great deals right now!
  6. Thanks for the info. I've been waiting for this sale. I love their clothes. So many sales going on this time of year...I'm so broke!
  7. Thanks. Love Zara and the sale
  8. Does anyone know if Zara does price adjustments? I just bought a dress there last week. boo!

  9. Yes, they do price adjustment. I think it's 14 days but you might want to call a store to make sure.
  10. Does anyone know if it starts on the 26th in Europe too, or is that the US sale date?

  11. Do you know what the discounts are like?
  12. i don't think zara do PA.. i asked before but they wouldn't do it.. thank you for posting OP.. i was curious about this since Mango is doing a sale already and usually Zara is not far behind.. i love Zara better though.. i'm so gonna be there on thursday!
  13. I Think the price adjustment policy might vary by region. I know that in Southern Cal they don't do price adjustment at all. I tried at South Coast & Santa Monica but they told me that they don't do price adjustment. The sa told me I need to return it & buy another one if its available. You can't even buy the item you just returned until they put it back out on the floor which is in 24 hrs.
  14. ^exactly what the SA told me..
  15. i used to work there, no price adjustments. return policy is 30 days.