zara sale?

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  1. Does anybody know when will Zara's big sale start?:confused1:
  2. Good questions!!! :tup: I'm also waiting for their sale. Their price point isn't high at all but their semi annual sale is not to be missed. I know it's sometime this month or maybe early next month. If anyone knows for sure please share :confused1:
  3. I did call Zara and the SA told me they will have sale at the end of June or early July but not sure the exact time.
  4. Would anyone know if they have sale tomorrow? And I know they usually have a year end sale as well but was wondering if anyone would know when that is? TIA! :heart:
  5. In Canada, Zara usually has two big sales. One that happens in July and the other begins on Boxing Day. The markdowns aren't significant. The major markdowns don't usually happen until after the New Year but at that point you're running on luck to find the think you want.
  6. Bummer! I'm wondering if its worth it to go to the store tomorrow as its at a different location. Hmm.. but thanks for sharing pinkspider
  7. I just saw the zara site for the first terms of quality...what does the brand compare to? banana republic level? saks dept store level? contemporary stuff at bloomingdale's level?

    Some men's stuff on the catalogue looked pretty decent but catalogue pics can be very misleading...
  8. jesoon, there's a thread on ZARA in tpf that you might wanna check out. I personally feel their quality depends on the range as they have a few lines, ZARA Women, ZARA basic, and TRF. Items under ZARA Women and ZARA basic are comparable to Banana Republic while the TRF is more H&M-like. Sometimes it can be hit or miss but on the average their quality is decent for the price. Hope that helps! :smile:
  9. i used to work at zara, and i must say the quality is not too great. Several SAs i used to work with all agreed that they are like an over-priced H&M. They have the perception of being of better quality because of the different lines and their respective prices (Woman, Basic, and TRF) but like weN84 said, they can be hit or miss. I have a lot of dress pants that I purchased during my time there and they've lasted me years, but there are some sweaters that did not last past one season. I've learned over the years to look at the fabrics being used - a lot of times this can help determine how long your item will last.
    From what I heard from my manager, the three different lines in actuality all have about the same quality in craftsmanship, its really all about the different styles (TRF = young/urban; Basic = trendy; Woman = "couture")

    As for when the sale will start? My memory is shot so I can't remember if it started right after xmas or after new year! sorry!! what i DO know is that the first day's sale is not too great - they mark items down maybe 10-20% max. The best deals you find are after 2nd or 3rd markdown however you will risk not finding anything in your size (like pinkspider said).
  10. Thanks Soundjade. I notice ZARA qulity is not so great comparing to Banana Republic. However, I love their trendy styles.
  11. i know! its hard not to love their trendy styles! i still go back often - even if their quality is bad, their clothes are just too cute.

    OH UPDATE! I stopped by the store today and a little SA Birdie told me the sale STARTS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

    Im so sad though i'm going to be at work!!!

    there's this wool coat i ABSOLUTELY HAVE to get. i kept walking away from it everytime i saw it (bc i refused to pay full price for an item of that quality) but i tried it on finally and fell in love. i MUST have it.... im gonna be upset if they run out by the time i get there!

    okay happy shopping people! =)
  12. Zara sale in Miami starts tomorrow, the 27th at 10:00 a.m. with a 50%- then what is left over will be put at 75% off in the next few days., there was no holds no price adjustments allowed as per the SA that I spoke to today.:heart:H
  13. wow 50% off??? The sale in Singapore started today and it was only up to 30% off. I just spent over an hour waiting in line to pay. It was crazy! But I got a tweed coat I had my eyes on. :yahoo:
  14. wth! 50% off ? thats crazy! first markdowns were never that low! nice! i hope i get that coat i wanted ... =\
  15. Is that sale at all Zara's??
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