Zara or H&M?

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Which store you like best? H&M or Zara

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    18 vote(s)
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  3. Both

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  1. Whenever I looked for a bargain, I would shop H&M. Recently a Zara store opened in my area and I've got to say, they put H&M to shame. I went in there the other day and the whole front 1/2 of the store was on sale. My friend bought outerwear, one wool peacoat on sale for $39.99 and a gorgeous trench coat for the same price! I couldn't believe it! They had a bunch of thin sweaters for layering (pullovers/cardi's) for $9.99 and 19.99. I love the way Zara is set up, more of a boutique feel and everything is so organzed! H&M on the other hand is a little messy, everything is jammed onto the racks and wrinkled. I found my new favorite low price store!:yahoo: Are there any other Zara fans out there??
  2. I LOVE Zara! I discovered it while I was living in Spain. During the summer they have their "rebajas" where the entire store goes CRAZY on sale (like 75% off everything)--Love it
  3. It's one of my favorite stores! I agree, H&M is way too messy and they never have any small sizes. I can always find something to buy at Zara. I really like their button downs.
  4. I went to a Zara in Canada about 4 or 5 years ago and got a really nice coat. It was like $300 so I wouldn't call it a bargain.
  5. I actually think the opposite. I was at Zara yesterday and had trouble finding smaller sizes amongst the sales table. Sometimes the sales tables are really messy because all the clothes have been ransacked. I usually find clothes I like that fit me easily at H&M, and that the tables and sales racks are kept a bit neater. But these are just the stores that I've been to. I've only been to a few H&Ms and Zaras out of the many in the city.
  6. i love love love zara but i have the hardest time shopping there because even their smalls or the rare extra smalls that they have in some garments are huge, i end up swimming in them... does anyone else have this problem??
  7. I shop at both stores and find reasonably priced items in both. I think the Zara stuff tends to hold up longer, though.
  8. The problem with Zara is that they make some of their items in one size only. I remember looking at a puffy winter jacket there once, and the M was a little big (but the 10 other coats on the rack were also M), and when I asked they said some items only come in one size (usually M).

    I'm sort of iffy about BOTH lately. I feel like, at Zara, everything is either too young or too old for me. I do, however, adore their wool coats and dress pants because they're the only ones long enough for me. I bought a ton of stuff at H&M when it first opened here, but since then I've barely found a thing. Everything just looks so plain this season-I think I was spoiled by the H&M stores in the UK and the one I frequented in HK that were just massive...there was so much good stuff there (and in HK, tons of small sizes! They even have a size 32 which is next to impossible to find here).

    But I find small sizes are difficult to find in BOTH. My H&M doesn't tend to get many small sizes in, and they sell out fast. Zara seems to have the same issue-even with regular price items.
  9. i love zara.. way more than h&m..
  10. I've been to H&M more than Zaras, and usually I pick up a few classic pieces that I've had for over 2 years and still get compliments. Zara I have visited less often, but I've also been going less to the mall and actually shopping.
  11. Zara of course! I love their silk dresses and shirts!
    When I have to buy cheap bikinis and pants, H&M has the perfect size for me. I got a fantastic bikini last summer for only 7-8 euro, just what i need for the abuse I put them through. I wouldn't wear anything more expensive in a deserted beach when I'm covered in sun tan lotion.
  12. I haven't had much luck with Zaras and found more pieces with H&M, but they both have some really nice classic designs for decent prices. Hope to strike a good deal one day at Zaras -I would love a dress from them!
  13. I LOVELOVELOVE Zara mens jumpers - Silk & cotton mix...
  14. I love Zara - esp. their colourful tunic tops! The prices is reasonable and they hold up pretty well.

    I rarely find something in H&M. I used to go there a lot when I was in my early teens but I've turned to Zara now.
  15. I prefer Zara over H & M,