Zara basics quality?

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  1. First time shopping at zaras...
    I'm usually a very high end shopper of rtw and I buy a few pieces each season and today I walked into to zaras... And I found some cute things
    and I just wanted to know what to expect quality wise?
    .Can anyone comment
    Am I in for gap quality stuff?
    Or like forever21/ H & M?
  2. H&M, in my experience. all the "fast fashion" chains, since they're focused on quick manufacturing turnaround time, are notably more lax with QC than high end RTW . . . basically i view those stores as good sources of disposable, trendy stuff that i know will go out of style in a year anyway, so you don't feel bad wearing a couple of times and tossing
  3. for zara...if you take good care of them...they can last.
    i have been a fan of zara...i am still wearing a top i bought 10 years ago.
    i also bought a dress last summer on sale...still loving it.
    their quality is dropping though....but if you treat them nicely...they are much nicer than HM IMO.
    i tried shopping at HM...i just couldn't love them.
  4. I find Zara to be higher quality than H&M, and H&M to be higher quality than Forever 21.
  5. thanks you guys!
    it gives me a pretty good idea.
    I've never been good at fashion so I'm trying...:smile:
  6. Zara Basics... their quality is similar to H&M. Very thin material and you know that if you put it in the washing machine, it will come out looking more wrinkle and just disposable after a few wears (at least from what I have seen when I walk into their stores). It really depends on the material. I have two tops from them and they have hold up pretty well (I handwash them thought).

    ^ like lvpiggy said, those kind of stores are fashionable yet disposable after a new season comes out, or if the clothes fall apart first.
  7. I use to shop at zara's often but find the quality of many of their clothes not that great. I can get 3-4 wears out of some of the sweaters and tops after I wash them . Sometimes after wash I can't even get another wear because they come out looking faded and some have gotten holes. I wash according to label so I know that is not the problem. I do have a couple of Zara's tops that I have had for 5 years and still look good. I think their quality is similar to H&M but find some sweaters over priced for the quality.