1. I was wondering has anyone ordered from Zappos? My sister and my mom like it. Last year my sisters ordered some turqoise shoes to match the outfit that they had made. My mom ordered two Ugg purses from the. They were really nice.
  2. LOVE Zappos. One of the best online retailers. Not discounted, necessarily, but excellent customer service, and free return shipping. Excellent selection too, from the humble to the divine!
  3. Zappos rocks. The prices are about the same as you'd pay anywhere else, but the selection is huge. Their free shipping is extremely fast, and you can't beat the free return shipping. Also, they will price-match - I had them do it once and it worked just fine. Highly recommended!
  4. Totally love Zappos!
  5. I loved Zappos. I ordered my first pair of shoes from there a couple of months ago and they are great! The free shipping free return if you dont like it policy is wonderful and the search engines really let you break down the type of shoe you are looking for. I definetly would order from them again and this is from a person that is super picky about shoes! Happy Shopping =)
  6. I love Zappos. I have ordered many shoes from them and I just love their free shipping/returns. I highly recommend them.
  7. Yep, they will price do some searching online to see if they are giving you the best price.
  8. For the most part I like them but once I ordered a pair luccheese (probably spelling that wrong) boots and they looked like they were used. Meaning the soles looked like they were sanded down. Was kind of upset by that but ordered again and those were fine. Didn't keep the shoes though as they didn't fit. I'm still waiting for them to post one of my replies...
  9. Zappos rocks!!! After so many badly fitting eBay "bargains" the past few years, I made a solid promise to myself to only buy my shoes for this fall in an actual store or from Zappos. They ship things in warp speed time and make things so easy and when you want to return shoes/bags/etc. Plus, NOBODY out there processes returns and posts credits back to your card as fast as Zappos!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!:yahoo:

    I tend to get most of mine off their $39.95 or less page. I've gotten some GREAT designers (Donald Pliner Couture line: $250 sandals for $30 for example) on the sales/clearance page.
  10. Yes Zappos is great! Love their selection and the fact that they actually carry my size. Can go wrong with free/fast shipping and returns.
  11. I can't say enough good things about Zappos! I've placed several orders from them over the years and I always get my order in 1-2 days. Even if you hafta return/exchange something, it's free. Every online company should be like Zappos. I haven't ordered any handbags from 'em yet. Just shoes.
  12. Zappos is the BEST and EASIEST place to shop! They don't charge shipping and you can return for free too. Yesterday morning I ordered a pair of shoes and they arrived today! I didn't ask for expedited shipping, but somehow I got it anyway. (Although that doesn't always happen.)

    I've probably bought 25 pairs of shoes from them. I know they have a large selection, but sometimes, believe it or not, I wish they had more....I've seen things at Bloomies, Bergdorf's, Saks, etc. that Zappos doesn't carry.
  13. Zappos will price match any online retailer (adding in tax) and then give you the difference PLUS 10%.
    LOVE EM.
  14. Zappos is good and their returns are easy too, they aren't the cheapest on-line retailers for shoes but I just saw the previous post that they will price match. I wish I had known that before! Their shipping is real fast too.
  15. similar experiences with zappos. Love the price and should try it.